Driver's license for illegal immigrants?

POSTED: Friday, September 23, 2011 - 8:09am

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 3:38pm

Since 2003, it's been legal for illegal immigrants to have a valid driver's license in New Mexico.

The state's new governor is now trying to revoke that law, but more that 100 religious leaders signed a petition in support of the law.

Kaci and KTBB's Garth Maier hear what East Texans have to say on the issue.

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NO! Why don't these politicians see all of these possible allowances for illegal aliens are ILLEGAL. Does the word ILLEGAL mean nothing to politicans but everything to the true legal American, stop the insanity and get these people out of here.

the word illegal contains legal... the people of any country are people of the world... therefore in accordance with universal law everyone is entitled to food clothing and shelter. The governments of the world are playing with the people... otherwise why would someone from Mexico/spain/Portugal/Africa.... have to be so poor and come to the USA to seek work? America belongs to the RED INDIANS and was TAKEN from them by killing them right. Time to change views man... understand the big picture

I would like to know does any one remember the Alamo, or what what done to the Native American Indians. And now you want to just open the borders and give them free everything, Yes Governor Perry has created jobs for illegal's low paying jobs. There are to many Texans and Legal "American's" that we don't need to let Mexico take over.

Yes, Illegals shoould not have drivers licence or any other benefits from the state or federal government.

It's the back door to giving illegal aliens (just from Mexico mind you) the vote. Needed, two laws, DL's for illegals and motor-voter laws. Yes it benefits almost only Democrats, that's why the push it so hard, but don't doubt for a minute that Republicans are looking for a way to benefit from the illegal vote.

Millie and Dawn bring up a good question. Why do illegal immigrants have more rights and freedoms than immigrants living here legally, and why do felons have more rights than honest people? If I lie to the gov't to profit from programs, they don't question, If I'm honest I'm treated with the utmost suspection.

Illegal immigrants aren't people. That's what Ronald Reagan believed and we should too.

What part of illegal does the DPS not understand. I guess laws are only if you agree with them and if you dont like the laws, dont follow them. The illegals dont have to so why should we americans follow laws we dont like. Rick Perry has his head up his butt. It was so funny at the debate to listen to the people when he said illegal get in state status for college. If you are from Louisiana I guess you will pay out of state. They dont need drivers license in Texas if they are illegal.

It is funny, when an American is required to follow the law and illegal "hence the illegal part" have rights in a country to which, they are not American or a legal a resident. No, I'm not racist! My husband is from Eastern Europe, he came here in 1990 when Communism fell in his country. He obtained his LEGAL status and his green card to be in our Country. This now means, the United States of America can profile him, do background checks, in order to make sure our country is safe.

haow can you get a drivers Lic. without a birth certificate. I have a friend who paid over four hundred dollars to get her lic in Tx. even tho she was borned in El Paso Tx .Had had a drivers lic,in Tx before moving to New Mex. and then back to Tx 3 yrs ago.She had was a valid Lic. in New Mex. but because her Birth certificate name was different than what she uses now. It coat her over 400.00 to get it changed. Do you call that fair

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