End the junk food on food stamps

POSTED: Friday, February 1, 2013 - 7:24am

UPDATED: Friday, February 15, 2013 - 10:36am

What one Texas legislator wants and he's filed a bill to back it up

State representative Richard Pena Raymond, of Laredo, says it doesn't make sense to allow junk food purchases on taxpayer-funded Lone Star Cards when the state's obesity rate is already soaring.

East Texans talk-back on Raymond's idea to our news partner: KTBB and host Garth Maier.

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This will never pass because the lobbyists from Frito-Lay, Coke, etc will do everything in their power
to stop it. And special interests lobbyists rule Austin.

junk food in moderation is ok just dont buy nothing but junk food on food stamps i think ppl should make a list and stick to that list there is nothing wrong with being on food stamps some ppl just cant make it without i work a full time job and still get food stamps so i dont see why ever cant either some ppl are just lazy other ppl truly need the help so why hassle us bout how we spend are food stamps if we are law abbing citzens???????????????????????????????

A big YES for this idea & high time too. !!!
Common sense for some of these programs would go a long way .
What ever happened to UA testing those on unemployment??

You can't get jobs if you have a positive drug test....so why not do this idea too??/I know many who hate getting a job because they can not pass the UA test.

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