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Grading the president's tenure

POSTED: Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 7:25am

UPDATED: Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 3:41pm

East Texans vote on the job President Obama has done in his term in office

A new book from filmmaker Oliver Stone offers a scathing critique of President Barack Obama's time in office.

Stone's book slams Republicans and Democrats alike, and the authors' assessment of Obama's presidency is tinged with disappointment.

East Texans asked to grade the president's tenure to our news partner: KTBB and host Garth Maier.

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To those who have posted teavangelical ultra-conservative (thinly veiled) racist hatred for President Obama, it's time to shut up, get to work to mend this country, work together for the equality of all Americans, be responsible for the economic stability and job creation IN THIS COUNTRY, not outsourcing American jobs to China, India, etc. What a shame mega-churches have been in the vanguard of hatred for this president...instead of "God Bless America," it should be "America, Bless God"

Obama had the 100% congress for 2..yes 2 years all by himself. He could've done anything. He did not.He has NOT submitted a budget to Congress like he is supposed to do every year....for guess how long??/3 Years is the answer.
I do my own research. I own the books Obama operates out of. I read & read. I listen to British & German TV.....I am very cogniscent of stuff.
I think my grade was too high. I live in energy & gulf states pain & hear it from those employed there..

sparrow-gut...ditto rattatooey...every single word in your post is an absolute, unequivocal, out-and-out have just got to stop listening to the fools on faux news, to beck, hannity, rushbo, and anyone else who is baiting you into a heart is, though, awfully amusing how people like you have let others do your thinking for has become such a national joke for people like you to parrot back the lies, fearmongering, economic blather, and sewer water you hear from them!!

sparrowgt, again one needs to remind you of the teavangelical repub thugs in the House who met at mcconnell's invite the day President Obama took the oath of office...your evangelical fakes vowed, that very night, to oppose the new president, especially after they'd signed the norquist pledge (which, to them, is more important than even following the Constitution of the US!!), and to make him a one-term president...who suffered for this? THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, YOU IDIOT!! OBAMA 11/6/2012!

stone has the right to write whatever he pleases, but I will not let a badmouthing pseudo-intelectual bash the President of the United States unchallenged...if, by chance, stone is part of the ultra-conservative rabble that wants to take this country down, he should take a moment to research what the party of "NO" has done these past 4 years...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to move this country forward, opposing the president on every single proposal to make this country better...OBAMA 11/6/2012.

You say don't post any hate about Odumber, yet the vile crap you post about the right is far worse than anything that has been posted about him. You say think for yourselves yet you repeat more hard, hard party line propogandy than anyone here. Try taking a large dose of your own medicine.

try looking up the facts synd has posted on a non partisan source. She may call y'all teapublicans and things like that but the facts that she post are true and correct as been proven by nonpartisan fact checkers. The problem with people like you is that y'all can never provide any facts or links or proof to support what y'all claim to be facts from a nonpartisan source.

Obama did not keep his campaign promises.The unemployment rate was supposed to be 1/2 what it is. He destroyed 2 car companies & the Bond holders of GM ate their investment. The food stamp has tripled.Obama lies endlessly on TV.The number of expensive vacations this adm. & family takes exceeds any prior one. Obama is at a fund raiser or dinner every day on our country's dime. He has quadripled the Nat'l Debt in 4 yrs.compared to Bush in 8 yrs..The Gulf still has not recovered from Him. = D.

What country do you live in? You are quite ignorant as a matter of fact. Obama has battled congress in all of the years he has been in office. Especially John Boenner who is the most obstructionist politician this country has ever seen. Obama is the best president we've had since Clinton. And if you hadn't noticed, Bush is a complete dolt, he was never president, he just pretended to be. What a Goof Ball.
Started wars because of lies he spouted to the country and now 7,000 warriors dead!

sparr, what President in our Nations' History has kept every campaign promise???? Names and source please

P.S. Stone is an ulta left. That's why his comment is xtra surprising..

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