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Gun Control: would it have made a difference in Friday's shooting?

POSTED: Monday, December 17, 2012 - 7:29am

UPDATED: Saturday, December 22, 2012 - 7:22pm

Many screaming for tighter gun control laws, even banning sale of AR rifles. East Texans get their turn at the mic.

Sen. Joe Lieberman and others on the left say AR rifles should be banned and many more contend more gun control would have prevented what happened.

East Texans offer-up their thoughts to our news partner: KTBB and host Garth Maier.

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I think that schools & public places would benefit from less than lethal weapons. Tasers, shotguns with beanbag rounds, paintball guns that fire balls with pepper spray in them, etc. There would be less chance of persons other than the assailant being harmed.

New laws??
Guns are already banned in school areas.

When the gangs stop using AR , then I'll give mine up.

The largest contingent of people owning guns are farmers; yet farmers do not cause mass shootings, take overs of schools nor stand-offs.

Mentally-ill folks can not be ID in a sign-up sheet.
Neither this perp nor Mom was mentally ill so you analogy does not stand.
Cars kill 54000 per year & you can drive if you are mentally-ill.
Now what??
What does NRA have to do w/ this??

The banning of any or all firearms would not have changed anything. The problem lies with the lack of a moral compass in the US, not the weapons available.

When guns are banned, THE CRIMINALS WILL STILL HAVE GUNS. Even in countries where they are banned, criminals still commit gun crimes. If they can't buy them, they will manufacture them. When an incident like Newtown happens, who is called? The girl scouts? No! -911. And who do they send? MEN WITH MORE GUNS. As far as "rank-and-file" goes, "a man with a gun is a citizen; a man without a gun is a peasant." Banning guns is not the answer, better mental health IS.

BAN MILITARY-STYLE ASSAULT WEAPONS IN THE HANDS OF CIVILIANS!! Can't any of you right-of-right NRA sympathizers get it? No one is trying to take guns away from lawful sane folks...but there is no sane reason for civilians to have ARs with 30 to 100 round clips...absolutely none, except redneck machismo, which is a laugh in itself! Again...BAN MILITARY-STYLE ASSAULT WEAPONS IN THE HANDS OF CIVILIANS! Do all of you get it now??

Snydergal - these children and adults were killed with HAND GUNS. The only realistic way to protect our children is obvious to me. Dispense with superintendents, and use the money to employ police officers at the entrances to schools. Very few people who want to sow carnage in our schools would be willing to face such opposition.TWO THINGS WE SHOULD STOP SAYING IS THIS:"He was mentally ill",and,"We need to talk about gun control."Gun control is a pipe dream and mental illness should be omitted.

Man, you again slip a cog and get it all wrong...if only you would get your facts straight, you'd realize that faux news is a sewer-full of for your last sentence...I stand by what I wrote and understand that gun-happy faux news clowns cannot get it right to save their souls! As Don said, if you'd only done your homework, you would know that a Bushmaster.223, a military-style assault rifle, killed the children...the gunman used a pistol ONLY on himself.

No Ratt they were not killed with any hand gun it was the assault rifle that was used. The shooter had two handguns on him and only used one of them to kill himself according to all of the news sources that I have read and heard to include the fox psycho show.

With 300,000,000 guns in the hands of Americans, outright banning of all guns is a pipe dream...but banning assault rifles is an absolute must. These weapons have no business being owned by rank-and-file US say a gun enthusiast "needs" this type of rifle is insane in practice, my foot! These weapons in the hands of someone in a rage or mentally ill is a recipe for the type of tragedies that are happening all too frequently. To heck with the NRA...BAN AR's NOW!

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