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How do we stop government waste?

POSTED: Friday, May 27, 2011 - 6:30am

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 5:34pm

A lot of wasteful spending is happening in Washington DC.

$440,000 is spent annually on attendants to push buttons on fully-automated elevators for legislators on capitol hill.  

1.6 million farm subsidy checks for $1.3 billion, were mailed to urban zip codes during the past decade including New York City and Los Angeles.

Those are just a couple of "wasteful spending" examples discussed on Talkback with KTBB's Garth Maier. Hear what East Texans have to say. 

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If we, as a household living on a fixed income have to manage & maintain a comfortable lifestyle then by crackin the government can do so also. Cut out all the endless pork projects, give the endless stupid projects that tell us nothing but how money was wasted. Let us go back to smaller govt, no frivolous waste, let folks manage their own affairs, stop all the welfare, food stamps. Let small biz start jobs & aid in the recovery. Let folks & their state manage & deal with problems. Get govt Out

I've heard that the liquor flows like water.....Why don't we ban alcohol at the work place and make any of them that want to vote on a bill take a breathalizer test. If you have absollutely no alcohol in your system, then you can vote! Why are these people drinking on our dime and then making laws for us to obey? After all how many regular citizens get away with going to work drunk?

An honest debate must start with admitting both parties have contributed to this mess. Pork has been a problem probablity from the first Congress. Debt has been an on/off problem for just as long. But since the thirties, it's like it's a necessity. the Fed's no help. If growth is more or less than 35 they panic, if saving rate goes above 2.5% they panic, if the economy shows signs of stability they panic. The autonomy of beauracracies must end.

5 out of 12 Texas Democrat Congressman reduced their staff's salaries in the 4th quarter and
1 out of 20 Texas Republican Congressman reduced his staff's salary (Ralph Hall). all the rest gave their staff raises. Looks like the Texas Democrat Congressman are doing more to reduce their spending than the Texas republicans.

WOW, a Democrat in California gave average bonuses to his staff of $9,000.00 and a Republican in Florida gave bonuses to his staff in an average of $200,000.00 Goes to show Republicans are the biggest spenders in DC. Get rid of the Republicans. THANKS FOR POINTING THAT OUT GARTH, I AM SUPRISED YOU DID THOUGH.

We can start by getting rid of Obama and all of his illegal czars. Then move to get rid of everybody in Congress that votes for this crap.

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