Legislator pushing for law stopping workplace smoking

POSTED: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 8:26am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 11:45am

Her past bills died in senate

Representative Myra Crownower authored a bill outlawing smoking in the workplace.  Her two previous bills 2007, 2011, passed the house but failed in the senate.

But the representative's efforts don't go un-noticed by our news partner: KTBB and host Garth maier.

He asked East Texans: does the government have the authority to stop workplace smoking?

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In my opinion, this is over stepping gov't authority. I'm iffy about non-smoking in retail, especially clothing, but for the most part it should be the decission of the employer.

Ya know, what is ridiculous about this is that many of us work in close proximity to diesel engines, incinerators, even just auto exhaust. Other air contaminates such as dust and paints are common in the workplace. Asbestos and fiberglass, fibers of many sources are also present and then we can consider mold spores and pollen. Yes we can increase the insurance company's profit margin by taking away the personal freedoms of individuals, but where will it stop; when we're not allowed outside?

I'm afraid insurance companies rule the roost with the Texas legislature. If they want it,
it will pass.

Myra Crownower is nothing more than just another east Texas hypocrite. Everyone has something they like to do that other do not like wonder what hers is? By the looks of her photo on the house of Representatives web site, she likes to eat more than she should. Guess she should file a bill to require grocery vendors place a scale at every register and you fat people pay a sin tax on food and a bill to stop lunch breaks for fat people at work. No lunch 4 Crownower, Republican Hypocrite.

This won't pass because there are too many smokers in the Tx Lege. They want to puff on their giganic cigars whenever they feel like it.

First they went after the smokers and I did nothing, i didn't like the smell. Then they went after fat people and I did nothing, i didn't like their looks. Then they went after old people and i did nothing, they had already lived long enough. Now they come after me and i don't care, I hate what I've become.

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