Minimum Wage: would a hike mean fewer unemployed?

POSTED: Monday, December 31, 2012 - 8:15am

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 7:10pm

Several states raising minimum wage come the new year

A number of states will raise their minimum wage come 2013. Texas is not one of them. Would raising the bar on pay help cut the number of americans on unemployment?

East Texans add their "two cents" on the topic with our news partner: KTBB and host Garth Maier.

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Dr.Laffer"End of Prosperity""Theremare few policies that can topedo small & retail businesses & their hiring plans more easily than than a minmum wage hike" P 163
Now CONGRESS kows this.
Obama knows this.
Therefore it has to be assumed that they are doing this.

When I say Obama WANTS the destuction of this country, this is werll know evidence.
I am not a low info also is evidence of that.
Hence, you disbelievers...get off the stick.

You can not with out evidence say what you say!

check with the Mexican-fencers,/etc/laborers they pattern their wages just under the min. wage.
Have for years.
They are always aware of what the libs aredoing.
Not that the ones I know are trouble.
They aren't, but they sure do under cut the min wage quite well.

Stats show that people wait until their unemployment is nearly over; then they begin to apply for jobs.

Using that , it would stand to reason that the length of unemployment would lengthen.

Longer unemployment is usually a Dem ploy for votes.
In my experience unemployment is welcomed as a pd. vacation for those involved.
I have been in Public Service jobs for 15 yrs.

About 75% to 80% of the workers in Anderson County lost between $90. and $125. a month on their pay checks because of the GOP and the T-Party. Wonder how that will help the local businesses? The GOP, T-Publicans and all that support them are a bunch of IDIOTS.

Wait? I thought the Bush tax cuts exempted the lower incomes. That's been y'alls' battle cry for the last several years. So how is it now the poor will suffer with their expiration? Shouldn't the expiration of the Bush tax cuts only effect the rich?

I was told their employer took the higher rate out of pay just incase they did NOT pass the deal. If they had not passed the deal their employer would have to pay the full amount to the IRS in their quarterly payments and if they had not taken it out of the payroll that went out at midnight 1-1-13 they would have to take double out of the next payroll or pay out of their pockets. Next payroll will go back up less the 2% Payroll SS tax increase which the t-pubs were against extending too.

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS...quality, good-paying jobs for qualified college grads, skilled technical workers, young people, laid off workers, people who should move up the ladder because they're excited about doing an even better job for their employers. Not surprising Texas doesn't care to help workers in this state earn more and help the economy with their consumer dollars...Texas...if the state could only secede from the other 49!! In this state, you either make mega bucks or you earn minimum wage.

It would help cut the number on welfare

In the imaginary world of liberalism, it would cut unemployment, but here in the real world it will cause a short term (6 to 12 months) increase in unemployment among those making the federal min wage and just above the new states' min wage.

Texas has more minimum wage jobs than any other state and ranks in the top 5 states that receive Federal Funds for the SNAP program. In other words we Texas tax payers are subsadizing these minimum wage corporations by paying for their employees welfare.

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