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Newly elected Hawaii Governor claims "glitch" in getting Obama birth certificate

POSTED: Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 8:24am

UPDATED: Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 3:46pm

Does this fuel The Birther movement? East Texans weigh-in.

Tyler---After vowing to provide proof Obama was born in Hawaii, newly elected Dem. Gov. Neil Abercrombie, beats around the bush in Honolulu newspaper article about a "long form" birth certificate.

East Texans talk-back on whether or not Abercrombie's actions add fuel to The Birther Movement.

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One fact they all ignore is that the Constitution
states that BOTH parents must be Natural Born
Americans. He is not eligible to be POTUS even if he did present a valid Certificate Of Live Birth
that shows he was born in Hawaii!

Why does the media ignore this??? Why do the House, and Senate ignore this???

The Constitution says:
"No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States".
That is all it says in reference to citizenship. It says nothing about both parents being Natural Born citizens.

If he is eligable, then why doesn't he show the American people his birth certificate? I know where my birth certificate is, I can go get mine out of my safe write now; If I were asked about it. To have complete trust, and confidence in the president is to know that he will be honest, and forthright at all points in his presidency. He gave up his right to privacy when he took office, so as long as the question exists, "Where is the birth certificate?" The American people deserve to know.

He should not be allowed to run for re-election without full disclosure and proof of U.S. birth.

To clarify a couple of points- no, birthers will not "move on" because the rule of law and the Constitution matter- and no man is supposed to be above the law. Obama birthed this conspiracy when he hired lawyers to conceal ALL his records-- to this day he can't name a birth hospital or birth doctor after claiming a hospital birth in Hawaii. Both McCain's parents were US citizens- he is "natural born" b/c of his parents- if born in Kenya in 1961, Obama was NOT entitled to US citizenship.

Why does this question keep arising in the media?I have viewed a video of Barack Obama in a setting that appeared to be an audience of mid eastern people. He admitted that he was not born in Hawaii and that he was born in Kenya. He also stated that there was no birth certificate . He was born Barry Sotoro in Kenya
and circumvented the system to attend college in hawaii

So Bucky...Where is this video? Why havent U posted it sumwhere? and if u did, tell me where... so i can see it too! Where did u see it? When did u see it? Please find it and let me know where u found it!! THANKS!!!

Hi, is there any way you can post that video? I'm sure others would like to see it also. Thanks

I'm Canadian and ineligible for the Presidency (not that I have the most basic requirements). If I were to make a bid to become President, knowing my status, you would rightly think I was of low character to do something like that.

So if there is even a 10% chance the Obama followed a similar route, knowing he was not eligible, would not his character be broken in a most serious way?

Can the US afford the luxury of a characterless Prez running and ruining the country?

Why does this question keep surfacing when there was a video of Obama admitting that he was not born in Hawaii but was born in Kenya. I have a copy of a birth certificate of Barry Soetoro Which incidentally is Barak Obamas real Birth Name. This video circulated all over the world and nothing was ever said about it. Did the public think that it was not real or what. He doesn't have any loyalty to this country, after all , he wasn't born here, get it?

Bucky! Where are u? ive read two of ur posts here where u say u saw a video of our prez claiming to be born in kenya...i am Very interested in seeing this video too...Please, where/how did u find it? Where can i see this video? Please let me know here or by email!! THANKS!!!

obozo .

well now you turned more people into birthers.. some of us have been on this since it first came up years ago and are use to being called birthers.. now these new people will have to deal with the psychological stigma of being birther and born somewhere in cyberspace.. in this case... these new birthers were born at Congratulations and welcome to reality.

People need to leave President alone ! People always wanna be in the President's business no matter whose in White House . The American people need to mind their own business ! Quit bringing up all this old dirt. Move on and let him do his job !

A reminder to you, the President IS OUR business.

You've got to be kidding me!!! The President of the United States IS our business. If he was eligible to be our President and would be forthright with his legal information, all of this would go away. It is his own fault by trying to hide it and cover it up. Does that sound like to you that he is elgible to be our President?

Arnold, we have the RIGHT to see his documentation ( that means his PAPERS ). If he was born in Hawaii, why can`t he just show the papers and move on to something else. He is a fraud, and if folks like you are stupid enough to be duped by him..... oh what the heck, I give up.

Dear Bruce: The eligibility of the president IS OUR BUSINESS. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW if the man commanding our military and this nation is legitimate!


37th Congress 2nd Session House of Representatives 1862
Who are natural born citizens?
All persons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty, are natural born citizens. Gentlemen can find no exception to this statement touching natural born citizens except what is said in the Constitution in relation to Indians The reason that exception was made in the Constitution is apparent to everybody

We've been covering this story for quite some time. When we first heard about Governor Abercrombie's offer to help President Obama resolve the eligibility controversy our article was "With Friends Like Neill, Who Needs Enemies."

For more background and resources on the topic, readers may want to click here:

Dave Harrison

if you want to know where obama is from go to utube and type in "obama confesses electoral fraud to college students." also type in "obama fraud confession."

These videos were spoofs which were digitally altered to portray him saying this, don't you think you would have some response from the audience if he were, in fact, saying he was born in Kenya. We need to use some critical thinking in this country. Instead, we hear something, that someone said, that they read somewhere on the internet and we believe it as if it were gospel.

Art.1 Sec.2 Cl.10 of the Const. specifically references Emmerich de Vittel's "The Law of Nations" as a validating and contributing authority; a scaffold of principles around which the framers constructed the Constitution. It is in this document of Vittel where "Natural Born Citizen" is clearly defined as one born on the soil of parents both being citizens!! Thus, citizenship in Art 2 Sec.1 is clearly defined by Art. 1 Sec.2. Obama is NOT a natural born citizen and is constitutionally ineligible.

The other issue that's firing up web is Obama's hiding something embarrassing, not birthplace.

If that were the case, and Obama had a legitimate birth record, he could have gotten this:

Hawaii statute §338-17.7  Establishment of new certificates of birth

Paternity, adoption, illegitimacy, or a sex change cases one could get a brand-new birth certificate.

No folks it's the biggie BIRTHPLACE

History should show that Zero does not have a Hawaii long form birth certificate, he has an incomplete document, thus he's on the DOH birth registry, but doesn't qualify as prima facie. Thus the Hawaii Elections Clerk Tim Adams saying "Obama doesn't have a birth certificate". Zero was adopted Indonesian, lost his American citizenship, never carried American passport til Diplomatic Passport as Senator. He's an illegal alien.

Yeah this should go over well around the world.

A child does not lose their American citizenship as you describe, and we can assume that you don't have access to his passport records. I can't stand Obama any more than I can stand the folks that keep repeating this crap because they read it on the internet.

Upon release of a FOIA request on Obama's mother's passport records to determine her whereabouts Aug, 1961 and thus where Barry was born, the U.S. State Dept cover letter states...

the pre-1965 material "could not be located" and many passports/non vital records "were destroyed in 1980's".

US State Dept Records retention Dec 2008

on page 5:
5. Retention
a. How long is information retained?
The established retention period for electronic records in PRISM is presently 100 years in accordance with published record schedules of the Department of State and as approved by the National Archives and Records Administration.

Funny, the U.S. State Dept website states differently:

Passport Records for Issuances 1925 – Present
Requesting Your Own Record
Passport Services maintains United States passport records for passports issued from 1925 to the present.

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck then you can well pretty much bet that its a duck. He could have been born on the WH steps for all I care, he still is not 100%. His father was a British citizen. That makes him a dual citizen.. According to the Constitution, he's not allowed to be in that position.
Over and out.. Kick his butt to the curb, and fast!!

Stunner - a politician lied... He is NOT a US Citizen and he is a FRAUD! I know because my cousin wrote me about my aunt who was in Hawaii when BO first enrolled in school and when he arrived, his so called "birth certificate" looked like it was printed on the back of a Slurpee cup and he supposedly said he'd grow up to be President and convert the Country to socialist Muslims! Turns out he succeeded even before he got elected President - he even allowed "Socialist Security" to continue!

If the amount of energy spent here debating whether or not our President is a US citizen or not was used towards ending world-hunger, homelessness, etc., then all of our brothers and sisters of ALL citizenry would be well-fed, housed and happy.

Born in Hawaii or not, there are still questions concerning what the Framers intended when they included the "natural born citizen" requirement for the Presidency in Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. Many Constitutional scholars say that the use of that term was deliberate and that "native born" does not equate with "natural born". For background on the questions raised in the comments posted here, see . Also discussed is Sen.Res.511(2008)re Sen. McCain.

Fine, then consult with the Constitutional lawyers who argue in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. The overwhelming answer? One must be born U.S. soil, jus solis,in the geographic boundary of U.S.A.

2 U.S. parent requirement is a good argument (remember Zero is first overt candidate w/ one foreign parent at time of his birth, founders don't count grandfather clause); however, SCOTUS would have to rule, and the majority opinion is 14th amendment overrides

No Zero loses being born abroad

Nancy Pelosi perjured herself when she signed the DNC certification form for Hawaii, stating the last key phrase on form of Constitutional eligibility

"..legally qualified to serve under the provisions
of the United States Constitution.”

shown here:

All the other 49 states got this version, without said constitutional provision:


why do you think that is?

Requests from the Hawaii Elections Office of the 2 previous elections before 08 show the Hawaii Dem Party and DNC had the Constitutional eligibility certification included in both elections.

Nancy Pelosi took it upon herself to certify Barry -- without verifying his birth record. Perjury.

Obama claims his father was not a US citizen, that makes him have dual citizenship.

Obama claims that he traveled to regions off limits to US citizens, so what passport did he use.

And why would a person spend so much money and time to prevent a document from being shown that would easily prove his critics to be wrong. This is the red flag that bothers me the most.

Obama, in his book, tells of his father's non-US citizenship, conferring dual citizenship on him.

But red flags get raised when a person spends so much money to stop a document from being shown that could show his critics to be wrong.

And his travel, as he documented to areas that were off limits to US citizens raises a red flag as to what passport he used to travel at that time.

But what happened to transparency and the openness that was promised

I don't have a clue where Obama is born, or what is citizenship status is, but it always raises a red flag when a person can squash false rumors by producing a document that would take little time or effort, but instead chooses to spend millions of dollars to defend and prevent the document from being shown.

Either he has the document or he doesn't.

But there are questions about dual citizenship which could disqualify him, as he claimed in his book.

What else is new ... This man IS a fraud and is NOT a US citizen! My cousin was in Hawaii when BO was in school and she wrote my aunt that she talked to a teacher at the school and that he showed up one day and that his "Birth Certificate" looked like it was printed on the back of a Slurpee cup and that he'd someday grow up to be president and we'd all be Muslim...

Can you obtain more information? Seriously consider this please.

Obama has admitted as Senator and previously when he was young being born in Kenya. Those witnesses have filed affidavits in court.

If you could, post anything you have; join, start a thread on We would love to hear anything, and there are plenty of investigators across the country working on this!

Media/gov. is dead. We the People are the answer.

We all feel he is not legal, and have from the beginning, I just want to know why nothing has been done, and what can be done. Surly there is some way to get him out!

Orly Taitz obtained registered copy of Zero's birth certificate, Mombasa, Kenya:

Dated Feb 17, 1964. Why is the date significant?

It fits in with the time line for the Obama Sr./Stanley Ann Dunham divorce proceedings from Jan 20-March 20, 1964. The judge must know who parents are before he awards child support/custody and that is disclosed by a birth certificate.

Just so happens the Obama Sr/Ann Dunham divorce papers skip page 11 with a missing page in back, which would have been said birth certificate:

How conveniant. Scrubbed from the record. Barry's minions have been busy.

This registered birth certificate copy has been presented in court under oath. It has real stamps and signatures of real people. In addition we have excellent PROVENANCE of it being filed and requested in a previous court proceeding LONG BEFORE THE ISSUE OF OBAMA'S NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP.

There is no provenance of any document presented by Obama in court or otherwise. No birth certificate; not even his online short form has been filed with evidentiary certificate under oath in court.

All the evidence points to Zero being born at Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa, modern day Kenya (at this time the region, coast province, was Zanzibar).

All the easiest points to ascertain his birth have been censored, concealed and scrubbed. Investigators, normal citizenry have been at this for years. And while his age, parents, have not been legally determined, what he is hiding is the big cahuna -- birthplace.

Where was John McCain Born? Do anyone know. No John McCain is not President of the United States because Barack Obama beat him. But if John McCain had won the Presidency, can you tell me where he was born?

Check it out/1

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