Newt's "baggage" under microscope

POSTED: Friday, December 2, 2011 - 7:22am

UPDATED: Monday, December 5, 2011 - 10:31am

East Texans talk about the GOP frontrunner's marriages and their effect on his campaign

More than $1 million in fees from Freddie Mac. A six-figure shopping spree at Tiffany's. Three marriages and
the exodus of his senior adviser: Plenty of "baggage" for Newt Gingrich and his run for the GOP nomination.

East Texans talk-back on Newt's past and if it will play a role in how they vote.

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SNYDERGAL - That is exactly what I was going to say - but I would add that Gingritch had the nerve to criticize Bill Clinton (RE:Lewinsky) at the same time that he himself was cheating. How hypocritical can one be? The saddest thing in this whole situation, is that there is not "ONE" decent candidate who deserves to be elected to the highest office in the World. That could change quite soon if the USA does not change course and revert to morality and decency again. Maybe a little honesty too!

I do not recall Republicans giving President Bill Clinton a pass for his personal fact, I seem to recall Ken Starr and his commission spending around $50 million to investigate everything about Whitewater/Lewinski. The most expensive investigation ever by an indep. counsel. I recall Republicans constantly preaching about Clinton's immoral behavior and how scandalized they were. New Gingrich, in fact, as Speaker led the way in the criticisms; until his own behavior came to light.

With Clinton and his multiple affairs and accusations of sexual assault even while in the White House, we were beaten over the head with the mantra "it's his personal life and none of our business". So why is it so important with Gingrich and Cain?
Answer, we demand our GOP candidates be pristine and flawless, free from even false accusation. With Democrats, we not only feel the rules shouldn't apply, we're disappointed in them if they're not dirty.

Just learned that newt is a would be one thing if this clown wasn't affiliated with any religious faith, but this mistake for a man who wants to "sell" people that he's a changed man, that he is the only standard bearer for the party of "family values", is also a royal disgrace as a Catholic...we can all receive forgiveness, but someone who has been as immoral as newt in his private life does not deserve any public office of any kind...OBAMA 11/6/2012.

The newt man is the last person on earth to tout family values...he is ammoral, a disgraceful example for anyone to follow, a liar, a fear monger, has been thrown out of Congress for cheating, left his first 2 wives because they were ill and didn't fit the bill of "eye candy" on his arm...he had sexual affairs between these wives, and his current shrewish-looking beak-nosed wife was his last dalliance after wife #2...a woman would be called a slut...what about the newt man?

I'm appalled at his personal life, the Tiffany shopping sprees, serial affairs and dalliances, but even more appalled at his beliefs regarding repealing child labor laws and opening orphanages. And while I'm certain he wants to keep his personal life personal, he has no trouble crafting and supporting intrusive laws regarding reproductive decisions of private individuals trying to make personal medical decisions.

Did anybody even think about the 84 ethics violations that led to his being expelled from the Spaeaker of the House ? After he paid $300,000 in fines he became a lobbyist and put 1.6 million dollars in his pocket lobbying for Freddie Mac just before thay collapsed and caused the housing bust. He's more than an unfaithfull husband, he's a crooked politician.

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