Obama: "I deserve a second term."

POSTED: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 8:26am

UPDATED: Friday, February 10, 2012 - 11:19am

President tells NBC's Matt Lauer he still has things he needs to do

In a conversaton with Matt Lauer on superbowl eve, President Obama told Matt Lauer he deserves a second term.

East Texans talk-back on the president's thoughts with our news partner: KTBB and host Garth Maier.

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If Obama had cancelled the Bush bailouts instead of increasing them, the economy would have recovered two yrs ago. If he had reduced useless gov't regulation instead of growing it, unemployment would be under 7%. Obamacare is only one of the lead weights holding back potential growth. I have customers who are being directly and indirectly hurt by it. And we all know that for all the money spent to create "shovel ready" jobs, no real ones have been created.

Repubs blame Obama for every problem under the sun, don't they? Few give reasons or examples.

As for Keystone XL, I understand that it is designed to flow into the International Trade Zones in Louisiana in order to BYPASS the United States for all practical purposes. Tell me, Repubs, why so much misinformation about topics like this? Why is Gingrich using this to blame Obama for our non-conservative energy usage and its inevitable problems for our nation?

Though being a loyal Democrat in Tyler and East Texas is like being in a fishbowl full of scorpions, I am 100% for President Obama's re-election. Teavangelical/repub candidates are opposed to vital social programs to help those in need, gang-busters to protect the 1%-ers, isolationists or war-mongers, and would like nothing better than to Christianize this country, denying cultures and religions that do not fit their mold, and do NOT speak for me! I will listen no more...but I WILL vote!

the only thing he deserves, is a fast impeachment, and to take along all of his czars with this lieing excuse for a president, that's not even legally a US born citizen.

Since I'm still fired up about ol' Dusty...when is this dolt going to can the birther garbage and shut up about it...you clown...I even have a copy of President Obama's birth certificate on my computer! America needs every single person who continues to believe the lie about Obama's place of birth, as well as the lies fauxnews circulates, to either shut up or form a country to hold their hatred in while the rest of us get on with taking care of the business of ALL American citizens. OBAMA 2012!

This poster is just about pathetic, and, at the same time, a typical representative of that fishbowl full of scorpions...a blockhead redneck teavangelical/repub who wouldn't know the truth if it bit him, probably glued to fauxnews every waking moment of the day, listening to lies, fear-mongering, and a constant rhetoric that incites people like him to such heights of hatred. As a Christian, I find people who share these views to be offensive, disrespectful, lame and almost un-American.

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