Roe v Wade: 40 year anniversary

POSTED: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 8:25am

UPDATED: Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 3:26pm

Country still split on abortion

Texas joining the list of other states in efforts to prohibit abortion. East Texans asked if there were ever a time when the procedure would be alright with them.

They answer back to our news partner: KTBB and host Garth Maier.

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A country that can ban abortions can compel them.

Feeling is mutual Snydergal, although it's been a while since I actually made it through one of your posts in its entirety.

I'm certain I've never fooled anyone JPTM. But this thinking that women are having abortions so they can attend a rodeo is foolish. It's not a good idea to base policy on anecdotal tales set forth by Phill Kline and his kind.

There are less than 50 late term abortions performed every year and they are all for the health of the mother. I care about the health of women. I think that makes me pro-life. By the way, when Republicans put air quotes around the phrase "health of the mother", people quietly, but resolutely,
vote for Democrats. It's disgusting, and reveals your true feelings about women which are not pretty and has nothing to do with being pro-choice or pro-life. It shows how you feel about women.

As a form of birth control, absolutely not. "Late Term' abortion for "the health of the mother"/ Come on who are you trying to fool, the low information voters?

I can sometimes gnash my teeth at tonks posts, but on this issue, I'm a fan of his/hers...agree that if MEN are going to try to legislate a woman's access to medical care while determining exactly what she can and can't do with her personal medical decisions, we need MEN to go through hoops and invasive tests/psychological evaluations when they want viagra, cialis, or any other pill/device to perform.

If we are considering forcing women to have children they neither want nor are ready to raise, then every pro life protester should be forced to adopt an abused or neglected child, and forbidden to whine about women on welfare. It is easy to carry a sign and spout rhetoric. It's quite another to deal with the consequences of your convictions on a daily basis. Those quickest to tell another how to live their life are most often those don't want anyone telling them how to live theirs.

How is it anyone's else business what someone does with their personal medical decisions? Do I need to know about other people's viagra usage? The question should be, why does anyone need to get involved with someone else's medical issues?

How about if you don't want an abortion, then don't have one. Otherwise, stay out of other people's business. Seriously, just butt out.

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