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Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 4:55pm

Texas school district selling ad space on buses

POSTED: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - 7:53am

UPDATED: Monday, April 18, 2011 - 5:27pm

Hutto schools claim some success with ads on public school buses

Hutto schools, near Austin trying for ways to help with their budget, like other public schools in Texas.

They recently okayed selling advertising space on the districts fleet of school buses.

East Texans ponder the idea of ad space onboard the bus with our news partner: KTBB and host Garth Maier.

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Let them advertise for WalMart and McDonalds with the quality education that they receive with unions calling the shots,then they will be qualified for a career with them while china takes over our country with highly educated people. America is like twenty third in the world for education with the unions help. I wonder who will fill there pockets of this great idea not the schools I am sure. People are worried about churchs?

funny how every state that has collective barganing through the teachers' union have students that rank better than the students in Texas & that includes the students in Wisconsin. They also have a lower drop out rate. Only student in Texas will have a full time career with WalMart and McDonalds with the quality education that they receive in TEXAS. Do just a little research by going to the EducationAgency in each state Texas in 48th because they are NON UNION.

Unions are destroying america and the ones in the unions act as if they are the heros and the great. And you the taxpayer can do without food and shelter to pay them. As far as the one who comments on Texas being 48 the in the country cant read very well. Take a look at Louisiana and Mississippi there union. They have always tied for last. I really have no problem with schools in rural Texas. We moved 50 miles away from the city for education. America has no future, Think China

If you dig further into this issue you will find that a number of districts down by Houston are already doing this and are very successful with it
Cy Fair $401,908
Humble $484,698
Spring $ 23,450
Pasadena $32,952
Friendswood $23,691
New Caney $2800 contract only a month old
Huffman $10,175

The state has also covered the issue of what is allowed to be advertised on the buses
State law prohibits ads for tobacco, alcohol, political advocacy, gambling, anything sexual in nature and religious organizations.
Ads are only allowed on the drivers rear side or the top above the rear side windows.

Used to generate income for the district to help in the budget cuts, maybe work towards keeping the smaller class sizes and with the income from the ads maybe even help from raising taxes

Budget shortfall, try cutting back statewide. Not bottom up starting with teachers, start top down withadmin jobs that don't need to be there and are sometimes doubling payrolls but adding nothing to the quality of education.

Jp, you better watch what you say. Your comment is ant Republican agenda and platform.

Nope, it's Constitutional Conservatism. And if you weren't so afraid of it, you'd see many of your view point were also. But instead you seem hell bend on spewing leftist dogma even when you know better.

Great Idea ! I will buy several spots to advertise for workers unions, both public employees unions and private sector include Teachers unions.

Fire a few more union employees, time to put out the trash through terminations is the best way to get things done

Since taxpayers provide the busses used by schools it should be a vote for taxpayers to decide not school districts. It is not the perogative of the school district administration to use state property however the administration decides. The arrogance of adopting state property as one's own is simply wrong.

The buses and nearly everything else to do with schools are paid for with local property taxes--and what happens to those are voted upon at local school board meetings. So no, they're not appropriating state property, they're using what's theirs.

A creative way to generate funds--but beware letting churches advertise there, you'd have to let the atheist groups advertise too. :]

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