Texas wants drug testing for people on taxpayer dole

POSTED: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 8:23am

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 5:04pm

States already butting heads with ACLU

Texas wants to join a growing number of states wanting drug testing for welfare recipients. But the ACLU is calling it "unreasonable search."

East Texans weigh-in on the state's idea and if people on the taxpayer dole should be drug tested before they get that mailbox money.

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Some seem to have gotten off the subject;
I believe every person who is on food stamps and those who are getting welfare checks should be drug tested. I work for very little money, and part of what I work for goes to pay those who sit around and do nothing; I know there are people who truly are unabel to work, but I've seen too many in my 76 years who are just plain lazy and enjoy not having to get up and go to work. I don't want the little I have to give them, to go for drugs and or alcohol.

Let's see...since grandma and Aunt Sis receive SS and Medicare, they are on the gov't. dole...sign them up for drug tests. Oh, and how about the wounded warriors back from Afghanistan who receive benefits from the gov't...test them? How about every single poster on the gov't. dole who receives SS, Medicare or Medicaid trooping into a lab and giving a sample? Teavangelical repub legislators (who would wreck this country...craziest of all!)...step up and be tested...NOW. JERKS!!

Most of the people in Texas that receive welfare are working. They work for one of those companies that has received tax dollars to bring their minimum wage jobs to Texas making Texas with more minimum wage jobs than any other state. In Texas a worker making $10.00 an hour with 1 child qualifies for welfare. We subsidize all of these low paying businesses with welfare $ and Gov. Perry's enterprize fund.

Starting with Rick "Opps" Perry on down, EVERY person receiving ANY money from Texas Taxpayer funds should be required to take a drug test.

That includes all the CEO 's of companies taking Texas State Welfare money from tax-payer funded sources like Enterprise Fund and Perry's Pay-To-Play Development Stash.

It 's only fair to treat all "slackers" same - be it State employees, Corporatehoods on welfare, or taxpayers receiving tax payer monies for legitimate, qualified benefits.

Pee in the cup!

The elected officials are not on the taxpayers dole....they are employed .

This is a WONDERFUL IDEA. I have run it past lots of people &they enthusiastically agree.

I know many folks who never have the imepetus to get off welfare. etc. Maybe this will provide it.
Remember it takes 30 days for marijuanna to get out of the sysytem. So Gold seal , etc can not do it. You must STOP or it shows up.

Great IDEA.
ACLU will fight it but getting welfare is NOT a right. You have to ASK for it.

I think on another story you posted that those who are employeed by Govt. did nothing and were on the tax payers dole. What is the differance weather they are elected or hired?

i agree with don they should also be drug tested after all i had to take a drug test to get my job. also if i have an accident i have to take one. If i have to take a drug test to get and keep my job why don't the people getting government checks have to take a drug test to get my tax money. seems kinda like be a bum get a check for free

Let us require all elected officials be drug tested too, after all they are on taxpayer dole also and are no better than those who receive welfare.

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