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This is poverty?

This is poverty?

POSTED: Friday, July 22, 2011 - 7:20am

UPDATED: Monday, August 1, 2011 - 12:01pm

Census Bureau describes this country's poor as having tvs, cell phones, cable, etc.

Research from census bureau shows majority of those considered poor have, tv, cell phone, satellite tv, a/c and other amneties.

East Texans talk back with our news parther: KTBB and give their own definition of what poverty really means.

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Most of these so-called poor people are so fat they can hardly walk. They are getting an overabundance of food from somewhere.

the views on Poverty to day seems to be still stuck in the past what Poverty use to be. with the economy today the view of Poverty has changed as all things do with time. The Government show Poverty level for one person is $ 13,500. per year and for a family of four it is around $22,000. per year. If any of you want to really know about Poverty and talk to people who are in it feel free to contact me, I am a part of Cirlces which is all about Poverty, we meet every Tue. night come see the truth

Yes, there is poverty all around us. But, anyone can live in what is considered poverty, but still have all the amneties as mentioned in your article. Priorities and what people think they have to have is what is wrong with so many people. Poverty conditions get you what you really need from the government programs, such as Food Stamps & Medical Aid. I do not know where this thinking came into play with so many of our citizens and illegals, but it is true.

I suppose there are people out there who on public assistance who have trouble buying food because all their money goes into their "sweet ride", or some other nonsense like trips to the beauty parlor, or clothes. You blame immigrants but, funny thing, I don't see many Mexicans or other immigrants at the HHSC office, the waiting room is generally filled with equal parts white and black previously pregnant teenagers.

A/C ain't an 'amenity' here. You can die without it. We certainly would in this upstairs apartment. The cell phone I wouldn't have, but my in-laws pay for it, and I don't have TV, and haven't since my daughter was born almost 4 years ago.

You obviously have a computer and the internet. It is aggravating to see someone use food stamps to buy food and then they buy a case of beer and walk out and get in their Caddy with 24 in rims on it. Something is wrong when these people have cable or satelite tv and cell phones. Do you know how much rice and beans or ramen noodles could be purchased for the monthly subscription of cable (average price $70) or a cell phone ($50)? I could feed my family of 3 with that much money and I've done it.

It's an old computer and low-speed internet (less than $40), which I chose over any sort of tv or cable. It's a more-for-your-money kind of thing. We don't smoke, or drink, and we drive 10 y'old Nissan Sentras with peeling paint because they still get 35-45 mpg. We have cell phones that my in-laws pay for, and no land line at all. Our clothes are from Goodwill. We cut our own hair. I don't buy make-up or jewelry. It'd be 130 degrees in this apt. if we didn't have A/C.

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