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Were Brownsville cops justified in shooting?

POSTED: Friday, January 6, 2012 - 7:31am

UPDATED: Saturday, January 14, 2012 - 7:25pm

Police shoot and kill 8th grader with pellet gun

A fifteen year old Brownsville boy shot dead at school after police say he refused on a number of times to drop a handgun he'd brought to school.

That handgun turned out to be a pellet pistol, officers say looked much like a real firearm. East Texans talk-back on police actions at the school and whether cops over-reacted.

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They were justified. Regardless of age, this boy brought a weapon to school and wouldn't surrender it. What happened to kids respecting the law and authority?

NO NO NO - If professional Law Enforcement Staff cannot disarm a schoolboy with a pellet gun, then they are not qualified to be in public service. I believe one shot hit this boy in the head. I think a shot in the shoulder, or a shot in the hip would have been quite adequate. I have long regarded many of our Peace Officers as criminals in uniform. What a tragedy for those who serve with honor and integrity. I have personally been experienced police brutality and police lying to cover up.

No, cops did not overreact....

i think they were justified in there actions

Yes. The boy was wrong to bring the gun to school and then wrong again to fail to recognize the severity of the situation and wrong again to show lack of respect to the warnings of the officers, and wrong again not to immediately throw the gun down.It's all on the boy. The police were there to protect the other students and teachers from a person with a gun.LT

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