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Where do you stand on abortion?

POSTED: Friday, December 30, 2011 - 8:25am

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - 11:10am

KTBB's Garth Maier asks East Texans, where they stand on the issue of abortion.

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Beyond the fact that our government shouldn't be able to force birth on a woman, I wish more people would consider the consequences that are forced onto the child of such a birth. So many thousands of children in this country are abused neglected and even killed. While I am not suggesting that all of these children are born into this situation, it is completely ludicrous to think that many are not. How many children suffer so that a few people can force their own morals onto others?

How do you know that most abortions are for "birth control" ? You don't. Stay out of it. And why put requirements on doctors? They went to medical school, they have a oath to uphold. They don't need ya-hoos like Leo Berman telling them how to do their job or what to tell patients. Maybe we need to force doctors to have a long heart-to-heart before prescribing Viagra. I'm sure some men use it for nefarious purposes.

I'm against abortion used as a form of birth control as most are. However, to make abortion illegal would only push them back into back alley quacks who would endanger women's lives for a quick buck. Requiring doctors to offer abortion before discussing prenatal care is as wrong as denying a doctor to discuss the option.

It should be safe, legal and rare. I'm against forced birth. A government that can ban abortions can also compel them. I have a suggestion for people against abortion----don't have one. Otherwise, people need to butt out and mind their own business. Rick Perry has now said he's against abortion even to save a woman's life. Good grief. Has Gov. Perry never heard of an ectopic pregnancy? Or does he just hate women that much? Abortion needs to be legal and available, as does birth control.

In a perfect world, self-control would be the rule. In our world today, many do "what feels good" without concern for the consequences. Unplanned pregnacies, unwanted babies, STD's, guilt, anger, all can be the result of a loss of self-control and self-worth. Seems that the burden of protection most often falls on the young woman, that the conquest of unprotected sex produces another notch on a guy's belt, and no consideration is given to being responsible for consequences.

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