Would you hire an illegal immigrant?

POSTED: Friday, November 2, 2012 - 7:25am

UPDATED: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 2:07pm

East Texans answer-back to our news partner: KTBB

They come across the border in droves, many of them seeking employment. But a new poll shows illegal immigraion and border security even top the economy when it comes to political issues in Texas.

East Texans asked: Would you hire an illegal immigrant? They bend the ear of our news partner: KTBB and host Garth Maier.

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I am so tried of hearing that the illegals do jobs that no one else will.....that is B.S.! I know of several people that have lost jobs because of them. I know a Colored Gentalman that has had a lawn business and he is losing his customers to illegals because they go in and under bid the crap out of him! I clean houses and I have had law men come up to my customers homes and tell them their wife needs an job and she will do a better job than me! They are wanting to take my job! I CLEAN TOLIETS!

I don't blame them for being here one bit, why would they want to stay in their own country and work like dogs for a big U.S. company like Walmart for $5.00 a day when they can come over here and make $7.00 and up an hour. And our Government just turns their back and lets our citizens suffer and the illegals to thrive. NAFTA not only hurt Americans, but the people in other countries too. Funny how NAFTA was supposed to keep the costs of things down, but it didn't, you pay more. You lose again.

I think the answere is pretty simple, it is yes. There are so many jobs the people are not willing to do and the people coming over are always willing to do whatever they can to make money and send home. People around here are willing to take advantage and pay as little as possible for something as simple as cutting a lawn or trimming trees. People claim that the Mexicans are coming over and taking jobs but they are simply doing jobs you are willing to pay them to do.

I can see that you don't get out much, U.S. citizens are willing to do about anything to make a buck, especially when the economy has been in the gutter for the last 6 years. Problem is there is an illegal on just about every street corner and people would rather pay them $7.00 and a taco rather than hire an American Citizen for $8.00 and up depending on the job. That is about as Un American as you can get. They probably built your house from the ground up including the a/c, wiring, alarm, etc.

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