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Target, Home Depot the latest companies to cut ties with Paula Deen

Target, Home Depot the latest companies to cut ties with Paula Deen

POSTED: Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 10:29am

UPDATED: Friday, June 28, 2013 - 5:08pm

The latest retail giants to boycott Paula Deen products are Target and Home Depot.

Deen has been dropped by six companies since her admission to using a racial slur was made public.

Walmart, Caesar Entertainment, Smithfield Foods and the Food Network have cut ties with Deen this week.

Home Depot announced it will discontinue the sale of Deen's items online.

According to CNN, Target released the following statement to the public on their decision to no longer carry Deen's products:

"We have made a decision to phase out the Paula Deen merchandise in our stores as well as on Once the merchandise is sold out, we will not be replenishing inventory."

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What a dismal example of sentence structure and spelling!! After I finished laughing, I just had to tell you that no one, including myself, my family, or my friends have ever used the words you say folks have used at one time or another. The words you point out are disgusting, offensive, and for deen, the companies she counted as sponsors/partners have every right to hire and fire anyone who does not meet their standards...not one deen supporter has a say if she stays or goes.

Well, aren't you the Grammer Queen! Get over yourself, snydergal! I'm pretty sure that either you, your family or your friends have used the N word at one time or another in your lives. How can you be so positive that they have NEVER slipped, and said that horrible word? Are you with each of them 24-7?
I'm the one who is laughing after reading your ridiculous rant!

These businesses DO have the right, but remember, WE do not have to give them our business, either!!!

Just one come-back on this one...I have NEVER used the "n" word in all my 67 years, and the only person I've ever heard say it was my bigoted late ex-mother-in-law, a woman whose family had Black sharecroppers when she was growing up...and, as my mother used to say, I considered the source...ignorance, a holier-than-thou attitude, and a superiority complex gave this woman license to use that despicable word. I deplore the word, and will never tolerate it's usage!!

I will NEVER shop at these places of businesses AGAIN.

I am sooo done with these businesses! Some of the blacks call whites Honky or Cracker, use the N word themselves, but if a Caucasian says the N word, watch out!!! I am so tired of how some blacks try so desperately to control us with this crap. Will these businesses do the same for Caucasians when we are called racist names like Honky, Cracker, etc? We need to stand up and say enough! Stop this ridiculous PC crap. I'm so over it! Walmart & Lowes, I do hope you haven't banned her!

I think Walmart, Caesar Entertainment, Smith field Foods ,Food Network, target and home depot are Hippocrates I know at some time has said the n word, cracker,spic,spade,Nazi,wetback or any number of offencive word in their life time the difference she said sorry and took the shame.. hippos.

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