Tattoo removal becoming increasingly popular among older adults

Friday, July 18, 2014 - 4:45pm

Tattoo removal is becoming increasingly popular and the industry is benefiting from it. The industry is expected to bring in over 80 million dollars in profits next which has significantly increased over the past decade.

Both tattoo artists and plastic surgeons are speaking out on the safety of having your tattoo removed and urge everyone to see a professional and not to attempt to remove the tattoo themselves. Most people who want their tattoo removed look into the laser surgery because they are working in a profession that has a strict tattoo policy or they once got a tattoo of someone's name they are no longer associated with.

Dr. Mohtlagh, a Plastic Surgeon in Tyler, Texas has great things to say about the latest tattoo removal laser his team is using. He says their laser is one of five in the entire state of Texas and is proves the great strides in technology that have taken place over the years. The laser his team uses has been producing amazing results and his clients have taken to social media to brag about the results.

Tattoo artists at Firing Line Tattoos in Tyler encourage everyone that wants to have a tattoo removed to do it the safe way and that's with a laser. Being in the business, they understand that people some times need to have their tattoos removed and are looking out for their customers before they even begin to ink them. Firing Line owner, Paul Greenwood says he's been in the business a long time and knows that some tattoos will prevent his customers from getting jobs. He says if a customer asks for a vulgar, offensive, or slang-related tattoo, he refuses to do it.

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