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Sunday, January 25, 2015 - 8:15pm

Ted Cruz to blame for government shutdown?


POSTED: Monday, October 21, 2013 - 6:22pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 8:05pm

Senator Ted Cruz continues to get a lot of heat for his fight against Obamacare.

In fact, democrats believe it's all Cruz's fault for the government shutdown.

Democrats have been slamming Ted Cruz for his fight to stop Obamacare.

On Monday, the Democratic National Committee launched a campaign "GOP Please Stop".

What many find disturbing about this campaign is that Democrats believe that Republicans are holding the economy hostage.

David Stein, President of the Republican Club says, he's looking at all this blame that Ted Cruz is getting.

"If this individual single-handedly shutdown the U.S.. government , by himself... Over took everybody else, if he has that much power and that much influence he needs to be the leader of the free world right now because I can only imagine what he can get done negotiating with our allies and with adversaries overseas," says Stein.

Stein says this is a bad law that's being pushed down people's throats.

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I am also pointing out the FACT that ted is a bold face liar. He said that he would do everything in his power to defund ObamaCare yet he folded like a lawn chair.

Don! You are a fence sitter, someone who blows in political winds like a in your 3rd from the bottom post, you sound like a card-carrying supporter of teddy while, on all other posts, you embrace Democratic values and opinions...either explain yourself, or get off the fence and become a vocal member of the anarchist's tea party or declare yourself a Democrat, or at least an Independent..

Teddy is the best thing that has happened to the Democratic party in years. He get out in public and states the true position of the republican / t-party and the entire world are now seeing just how much they are hypocrites and liars. If ted and perry were on the gop presidential ticket in 20 16 there would be a landslide victory in all branches of the government for Democrats state & Fed. Just look at the fact that because of teddys' actions there are 24 repub seats now in play in the house.

Only the blind and deaf wouldn't know that Cruz was highly involved in the shutdown. He basically pushed Boehner into a corner and actually had a meeting with House members! Now it appears re-write of history has begun and is so quickly accepted by "locals" that many of you probably believe Cruz wasn't even there!

Cruz did not stand up for anyone but cruz. The Democrats and the republicans that stood with them stood up for 311 million Americans while cruz said in an interview that he was diong it for those 2 million Americans that signed his on-line petition. Even Rick Perry and the Repub / t-party legislature knows the ACA will save everyone money & that is why they passed a law in June eliminating the Texas high risk pool and told those in it to sign up for the ACA

Agree 100%. Cruz did what he did because he has the power of his elected office. His is not a case of Dem against Rep but, Rep against Rep! T-party Repubs (Cruz) and Centrist Repubs (McCain & McConnell). To say it's any other way is not to face reality.
The ACA (Obamacare) is a good healthcare program for Americans. NO doctors, nurses, hospitals their associations or lobbyists are opposing this! Why? Because it WORKS! They get PAID on time & a fair amount. Not so FREE CARE will be eliminated

At least Cruz stood up for us, that's a whole lot more than the Democrats and a lot of Republicans did, but at least now we know who has the citizens of the USA in mind and it is only a handful, the rest only talk a mean game, but sell us out when it comes time to represent the American people in Washington. People will hopefully remember who had our backs come election time and send all those UN-American politicians back home where they belong and send Washington a message from the people.

The Senate is over 50 percent DEMOCRAT, so how could Cruz cause them to vapor lock.

And Cruz is also a Senator, not Congressman.

No, the real cause of the shutdown was the Democrats in the Senate and Obama refusing to even negotiate for weeks upon weeks.

Ted Cruz is to conservatism what Jesse Jackson is to equality. He's all smoke and mirrors folks, another govt. red-herring who manipulated the voter sentiment to his favor. A true patriot and American would have no voice in our govt. or it's media, Ron Paul is proof.

Any person, or group of people who take a stand against the governments out of control spending and socialist agenda will be attacked. Look no further than the tea party. All they want is for the rights of the people to be protected and responsible government spending. We need more people like Ted Cruz.

The Tea Party is basically anti-government. They have no problem shutting down the government because that is their goal: shut down the government. Do you really believe Cruz was working for the good of the country? Really? People like Cruz don't know you nor do they care about what you endure. Don't believe it? Let your job go away, foreclosure claim your home, child get sick, parents can't take care of themselves and your bank fails with your life savings in it.....

Absolutely, and without even a hint of hesitation, ted cruz and the fanatical radical right-of-right tea swiller circus troup are all 100% responsible not only for the shutdown, but also the nail-biting wait-until-it's-almost-too-late 11th-hour Hail Mary agreement to raise the debt ceiling and, last but not least, the $24 BILLION price tag for the government shutdown. The Texas TP darling has made the state a laughing stock, brought shame on the House, and spread enough hatred to fill the Alamo!

cruz should not have backed down to Obama and the republicans that disagreed with him, he has no integrity at all. He did not do what he said he would do and that makes ted cruz the liar.

Teresa Sardina It is the Republicans in the House and Senate along with the Democrats that do not agree with ted cruz's shut down. Are those Republicans a bunch of liars or what?

It is a FACT thatit is his fault. He has even stated he would do it again but I don't think he has the spine to do it again and besides he has made enough money from the last shut down for himself and the conservative organizations .

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