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Teens struggling to find a summer job


POSTED: Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 6:39pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 6:47pm

Summer is right around the corner and students are getting ready to hang up their backpack as their struggling to find a summer job.

Reports say, teen unemployment is more than 20% for the last four years, and one in four teens will be unemployed this summer.

KETK visited Robert E. High School in Tyler and seniors who have a job tells, all teens should have a summer job.

"Mainly, I feel that teens don't sometimes want to look because it's the summer time so they really don't feel that they're obligated to find a job because they just want to go out and have fun versus actually being able to pay for the fun," says Brittany Matlock, Senior, works in Retail.

"If you need money you have to start low and just go from there and hopefully something better comes up," says Christian Matlock, Senior, works in Fast-Food.

Matlock and Moore tells, having a job teaches them responsibility and discipline, and feel parents should encourage a summer job. They say teachers could also be used at references.

Moore says, most teens don't want to work in fast-food because it's not an ideal job, so they're not  going work.

KETK visited some retailers and they tells us, this is the perfect time to apply for a summer job. Many stores and restaurants are hiring, and almost of all places are accepting applications at all times.

A retailer store manager tells KETK, it's even easy for teens to apply for a job these days because more companies require interested applicants to apply online.

If a teen is spending hours on the the computer and struggling to find a summer job, there's no excuse.

Seniors at Robert E. Lee High School, Matlock and Moore tell KETK, schools have many resources such as a Career Center to help students find a job. They say teachers also could be used as a reference.

Teens must 15 years old to apply for a work permit.



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