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Saturday, December 27, 2014 - 4:17pm

Texan claims apartment manager called US flag threat to Muslim community


POSTED: Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 3:23pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 23, 2014 - 1:32pm

A Texas man is fighting to keep his American flag hanging from his balcony. He said his apartment manager told him the flag was a threat to the Muslim community and he has to take it down.

While standing on Duy Tran's balcony in Webster, one thing is clear, he loves his country. Just a few days ago, he proudly put up an American flag when he moved in just a few days ago. The apartment manager at the lodge on El Dorado told him he had to take it down.

"What really stunned me is that she said it's a threat towards the Muslim community. I'm not a threat toward anybody," said Tran.

KHOU tried to ask a manager if that's exactly what was said, but she just handed over a statement and called an officer to escort us off the property.

The statement reads: "While the lodge on El Dorado admires our resident's patriotism, we must enforce our property rules and guidelines. Such guidelines maintain the aesthetics of our apartment community and provide for the safety of all residents. The apartment community already proudly displays our country's flag in a safe and appropriate manner at the entrances to our community."

KHOU saw other patriotic symbols hanging from other balconies in the complex, and Tran doesn't plan to budge.

"I'm gonna leave my flag there, as an American, until she shows me proof that i don't have the right to leave my flag there," Tran stated.

To Tran, it's about so much more than stars and stripes. He said he had friend who died for this country, so it's the least he can do in return. 

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Technically the landlord has the right to regulate what is displayed in the common areas and hanging it outside the balcony wall is in the common area - it's their property rights. However, the landlord has leased right of control over the balcony itself to the tenant. So move the flag up and totally inside the balcony. BTW, the manager was a bit stupid - it better not be disrespectful to anybody to fly the American flag in America.

KETK... There is no such thing as an American Flag. It's the United States flag.....I digress..., I do understand that there are normally restrictions about conformaty, but not allowing US Citizrns to the U.S. colors in the U.S is just unpatriotyic!

The last time I looked I thought this was America. Since when should our flag upset anyone. If I were in a foreign country I could not tell them that flying their flag was upsetting me, or they would be in their right to tell me to go home.

The US flag is for all Americans, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc,...! It has nothing to do with being Muslim. If you're not American or don't like American symbols, get over it! We fly our flag!

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