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Property taxes pushing some buttons

POSTED: Monday, January 12, 2009 - 7:13pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 1:49am

AUSTIN-The Texas State Legislature is back in session Tuesday and one topic that's going to be brought up this term is how to take some of the financial pressures off of homeowners. State legislation in the past has enacted plans to relieve this, but it just hasn’t worked.

As property taxes continue to increase as the economy worsens, the good news is legislation may have some breakthroughs. One Senate proposal would give cities and counties the right to let voters choose whether they would want to increase sales taxes by a half-cent and use the revenue to reduce property taxes.

Another idea proposed is putting caps on both annual property appraisals and local revenue.

Now property taxes is just one of the many issues effecting Texas homeowners and they say something needs to be done.

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i would like to know why that when some of us just owe last years and have to pay those taxes before you can register your vehichle but for instense the land my home sits on is owned by a family of 4 and between two of them, they have not payed since 1992 and owe gregg county and gladewater schools right at 20000 dollars but nothing gets done to those, that is where all ower behind tax dollars are, if they would collect those they wouldnt have raise the taxes and keeping hurting those who are paying

What has happened to the extra 10 dollar a carton cigarette tax Perry told us would solve the property tax problems? Have we been misled like the lotto was to be used for schools? where has that money gone?

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