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Texas College plans on expanding athletic facility


POSTED: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 4:01pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 9:51pm

Texas college plans on expanding their athletic facilities. The college already got approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission to take over two abandoned right of ways near their current facility. Their next and final step is to get the OK from the city of Tyler.

"We've just made a major renovation to what we call a Quonset Hut, which will be one of the weight room facilities for our athletic department and right across from that facility is currently a Discovery Learning Center, which will be expanded into an athletic complex as well," said President of Texas College Dwight Fennel.

"They want to abandon some of those rights of way and then be able to replatt the property in order to get permits to do those upgrades," said Tyler City Planner Heather Nick.

The expansion will cost about half a million dollars and it's part of their five year Texas College plan.

"This is just one small portion of what we see happening for the Texas College community," said Fennel.

This is the first phase of their five year initiative. The first phase is expanding their athletic facility. Then they will be adding two new residence halls, renovating the existing hall, joining the cafeteria and student center into one large facility. They will also create a safety pedestrian area and also start building a music hall.

"We certainly sent a message to this community in terms of their involvement and we want to give them an opportunity to come to Texas College activities that are Texas College bound. So we're responsible for keeping those areas facilitated and safe so that is what this addition will do as well," said Fennel.

Fennel said some of the facilities will be open starting next school year and they're excited to be upgrading their athletic portion first. 

"So everything is underway, it's just a matter of days, we sit on pins and needles awaiting for those things to start taking shape. It will be a domino effect with the athletic facility within the subsequent piece being the music hall then subsequent will be the resident hall and then the student learning center," said Fennel.

Nick said on July 23, the Tyler city council will consider their recommendation for final approval.

"It's really nice to see these improvements to the field area."   

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