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"Texas in a nutshell"


POSTED: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 6:32pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 6:43pm

Last month, horticulture specialists told KETK the outlook for the 2012 pecan crop was good and now they're in season.

Some people even call pecans "Texas in a nutshell." We spoke with one woman who's been in the pecan business for decades and she told us why so many people stop in for the nut that is so full of Texas flavor.

Simply put, pecans are a staple in Texas.

The owner of The Pecan House in Mineola, Lou Ann Hogue, says, "Texas pecans are just special to people." David Goforth, of Mineola, said, "I just like Texas pecans." Lynn Lang, of Houston, said "The further out of Texas you go the less flavor I think."

The Pecan House was started by the Turbevilles in 1978. Hogue said, "This is our thirty-fifth season, my parents started it, I've been the owner for thirty years."

But, pecans aren't just a family tradition for Hogue. Darlene Baird, of Mesquite, said, "Pecans has been part of our lives for seventy years over." Goforth said, "all my life, for eighty-five years I guess." People from all across the state stop in for one main reason. The responses we heard were, "the taste, they have really good full flavor, and it's just a good nut."

About a week ago, The Pecan House opened its doors for this year's pecan crop. Brandy Osbourn works are The Pecan House and she said, "They look good this year."

Hogue says "The trees look like they're loaded." She tells us the drought is still affecting the trees, but this year's local crop still looks bountiful, but it's not only tasty pecans they sell in Mineola. Hogue says, "We crack for the public, its 40 cents a pound to crack, or 60 cents to crack and shell."

Hogue tells us you can store pecans for up to two years and their website lists four major tips to keep your pecans fresh and tasty, such as, avoid storing them in plastic, because they could retain moisture. Also, pecans last the longest in the freezer.

However the most important question with the most unanimous answer was, what's your favorite pecan recipe and the only response we heard was, pecan pie!

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