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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 7:25am

Texas Legislator wants liquor sales on Sunday

POSTED: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 - 7:44am

UPDATED: Sunday, September 25, 2011 - 8:47pm

Sales tax deficit the reason Legialator wants Sunday Sales


A new bill is being presented at the state capital.

Lawmakers are proposing legislation allowing the sale of liquor on Sundays.

Alcohol and hard times; what one State Representative says he wants to take advantage of in a bill allowing liquor sales on Sundays.

Representative Dist. 119: Roland Guiterrez says; "You can go to Wal-Mart and buy all the beer and wine that you want. Yet we don't allow Sam's Liquor Store to open on Sunday and therefore I think we're being a little hypocritical."

Gutierrez says this is just one avenue to raise revenue in providing healthcare for children and highway dollars.

One liquor store owner I spoke to feels extending the hours of when liquor can be sold can send the wrong message to the community.

Jan Moffet says a seventh day of business might encourage more drinking.

Moffet says; "We need to be aware about the message we send to our children and the government should minimize control. Why do we need the government telling us what to do?"

Representative Gutierrez says; "The state comptroller has told us were experiencing a nine billion dollar revenue and shortfall for 2010 and 2011, we have to find everything in our power that is going to generate more money for the state of Texas."

If passed, store owners might have to hire extra employees.

Jan Moffet says; "It's a competitive business and you want to be open when other stores are open. I wont be excited about it but ill be open."

Renee Cervantes,

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I own a liquor store, and I think this is a great idea. I have a store in a small community, and according to my beer distrubutors, I am losing a lot of sales to the grocery stores on Sunday. If they come in to my store to buy beer, then they will buy other things. I hope the law passes.

if you own a liquor store and want to skip out on payroll taxs then get you ass into your store and work that 7th day yourself. otherwise just do as you've always done and stay closed. but, your loyal customers will not wait around for you; why would they? when the shop down the street is open.
Owners & Managers shut up before you ruin a good thing for the rest of us. The state needs to find that lost buck.

I have a store and I am barely making ends meet, if opening on Sunday will help I am all for it.

NO!!!!!!! I own a liquor store in East Texas, this is a terrible idea. Why would i want to be open on Sundays. I would like to be able to spend time with my family. This makes no sense. Lets spread 6 days of business into 7. It will mean more payroll taxes and less family time. Please vote NO!!!!!

LoL, If you don't want to be open on Sunday then close your dang store. Just your store. Give other texan's the option to be open if they want to. :)

If you really own a liquor store then you have the right to stay closed on Sunday, or any other day. How does this law impact you at all other than to give you the right to now open any day of the week that you want?

This is message is for Bob Dobbs. I do own a liquor store. You should not assume that I do not. Did you not read my initial post. There will be an extra nine hours of payroll taxes for the same amount of volume. Also since I am not a large corporation who can afford to pay all of the extra hours that my employees would receive. That would force me and my family to have to work. I am not sure what your family situation is, when I have one day off a week I choose to spend it with my family on Sundays. Kyle Owner Big Foot Liquors

"that would force me and my family to have to work"??? Your family is no different from any other family, they need to join the work force and not be lazy. You think your family is immune. There are tons of people that work two full time jobs just to get by and don't get a day to rest or visit with their family.

I vote yes.

This is very sad and I want everyone in the state to know about it even though part of it is a Baylor University problem the rest of it has a serious effect on the entire state!

Baylor’s own very wealthy Regent, Mr. Neal (Buddy) Jones, is leading the fight to allow Texas liquor stores to be open on Sundays. So Jones is being paid by the liquor lobby to undo the longstanding law which requires all liquor stores to be closed all day Sunday.

Jones got a bill put in the Texas Legislative Congess in Austin to do this. I’m also told that Regent Jones got another bill put in which would let liquor stores go into the hard liquor business.
Didn’t Jones fight against hiring ex-President Lilly because he wasn’t an “active Baptist” and had admitted that he enjoyed drinking an occasional glass of wine?

How does Regent Jones play both sides? (Whether his Baylor fans know it, Jones lists his occupation as Founder of Hillco Partners, a “governmental affairs consulting firm.” This is the way he chooses to characterize his role as a premier lobbyist for liquor firms.

It’s bad enough that wine and beer is sold on Sundays, but now Jones wants the hard liquor stores to be open too! All for the Almighty Dollar! The liquor stores will probably get their way because Regent Jones will lobby the Legislative Congress into it!
1 Corinthians 10:21


I manage a liquor store, this is a BAD idea. People in Texas are used to liquor stores being closed on sundays. The State would have to lift the ban on advertising as well so that we could let our customers know we are open. This will also cut into our profits because we will have to hire additional staff. Also our business will not increase, it will just spread our sales over 7 days instead of 6.

It will not be mandatory to open on Sundays but from a competitive standpoint we would have no choice.

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