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Texas man begins journey across America


POSTED: Sunday, December 8, 2013 - 11:41pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 12:09pm

A Texas man takes off on a mission across America. Bearing the cold, and bearing a cross. His name is Terry Pollard and he is nothing short of an inspiration. His mission? To carry a cross across all 50 states. He says this journey will take him nearly a decade, but he plans to keep going, no matter what.

A 75 pound cross, two feet, and faith is all Terry Pollard needs to spread the word of Jesus Christ across the country.

"The simple message I spread as I go is that faith without works is dead," Pollard said.

And while the journey is far from easy, giving up isn't an option for Pollard.

"I know that I'm called to go through all 50 states of the U.S.. and there's going to be no stopping until that's done, this may be the rest of my life," Pollard said.

He began his trek in White Settlement, Texas, just west of Fort Worth.

"August 12, 8:30 a.m. I stepped out with 20 dollars in my pocket," Pollard said.

His funds were sparse, he had no home base, he was not even sure if he could do it.

"I wanted to go back, but I couldn't," Pollard said.

Pollard says this was a calling from Christ and since then he has come over 200 miles, and has the wounds to prove it. Bruised shoulders, a torn ligament, Pollard's body is being put to the test just as much as he is.

"I feel constant stress in my foot right here, this [toe nail] has come loose there's nothing holding it," Pollard said.

And it is hard for him, because many people just see a man on the side of the road carrying a cross.

"They don't agree with what you're doing," Pollard said. "They question you why you're doing it."

But he wants people to understand, this isn't something he wanted to do.

"It never was about what we want," Pollard said. "It's about what Christ wants."

Pollard is human, he has the same fears as everyone else, but he says it is all in God's hands now.

"This is something I'm called to do," Pollard said. "You can't turn back from it."

So walking in faith, that is his life now.

"This is where I'll be for the next 10 years or the rest of my life," Pollard said. "Carrying this cross every day."



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thank you for all your prayers everyone, I have a new website at
I would like to thank Alexa Vogue for the great interview it was my first time on TV News.
along with the TV interview and a few media sources the statistics show information about me carrying the cross has reached 473,000 people in 8 countries including the U.S. in just 200 miles, wow! thank you all,
Terry Ray Pollard
1/31/14 9:34PM

Hello: to all and thank you to those that truly embraced me in my will to share Gods word while carrying the cross, I truly believed in my own heart that I would walk carrying the cross through all fifty states but it was not to be. I made five states from Texas to Florida and walked 473.3 miles, my walk ended on Sep 17 in Crestview, Florida due to a second knee injury, to those that blessed me thank you.
Terry Ray Pollard 11/18/2014

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