Texas Police Association 114th annual training conference

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 5:41pm

The Texas Police Association hosted their 114th annual training conference in Tyler.

Every year, the training involves current events affecting the community.

This year the training is focused on terrorism, gangs and school safety.

The Texas Police Association travels across the state teaching police officers better ways to do their job.

"We're moving towards promoting ethical leadership in law enforcement with the objective of having professional policing in our streets," said Texas Police Association Executive Director Erwin Ballarta.

The association was established back in 1895.

"Since that time we've been partnering with many different agencies state-wide," said Ballarta.  

But, the annual meeting has not been in Tyler since 1958.

Officers from all over the area came to instruct the training.

"Talk about the Boston marathon bombing, learning points things that officers can learn from that and in addition to that we had briefings on current cartel issues that are happening on the border and how its affecting us," said Ballarta.  

The other part of the training focused on school safety.

"With everything that was going on with Sandy Hook, I think it would be imperative to get this information across to law enforcement," said Commander of the Burleson Police Department Chris Havens. 

Havens talked about tactics law enforcement officials can use during an active shooter situation and the importance of building partnerships with the school districts.

And now with some teachers armed , Havens says it will be a challenge but it's an option.

"The state of Texas, the school board, individual school boards have to make some decisions and get some procedures in place if they are going to decide to have those teachers armed on campus," said Havens.  

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