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Texas senator proposes bill to require adoption class before abortion

Texas senator proposes bill to require adoption class before abortion

POSTED: Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 6:52pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 9, 2013 - 3:36pm

A new abortion bill is becoming a hot topic in the Texas senate.

If passed, it would require a woman to take a three hour adoption class before legally having an abortion.

On Tuesday, Texas senator Eddie Lucio filed a bill to encourage women thinking about getting an abortion, to think twice.

Senate bill 42 would make the State's Health and Human Services Commission create a three hour free adoption course.

Senator Lucio says it will give a pregnant woman the option to place her child up for adoption.

The woman would have to complete the course online or in person and give a certificate of completion to her doctor performing the abortion.

"We're not trying to hurt anyone, we're trying to educate the expected mother to give an unborn child the opportunity to live, an adoption option."

Some East Texans agree more education about adoption needs to be provided.

"Kids have as much right as the parent's and that adoption agency is the ones going to be active for that child," said Tyler resident Tonya Taylor.

While others believe the proposed adoption course infringes on a women's right to choose.

"I think a woman should have the right to deny it or go with it," said Tyler resident Elizabeth Nichols.

"it's her life, it's her baby, it's her body," said  Tyler resident Jack Nelson.

Senator Lucio says he filed the bill to close to the conclusion of the second special session for it to be addressed.

But, he is hopeful it will be brought up in the third special session called governor Rick Perry earlier this week.

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All Human Fetuses are human, none are canine/feline/equine

Killing innocent living humans is wrong.

All things are either living, Inert, or dead.

(cells reproduce, they grow, develop age and can move under their own power, as a human fetus does)

Dead things
were once alive and could do the listed things, but can't after death

Inert things,
like a rock, can't do the listed things

Actually, you don't know what you are talking about. At conception all we know for certain is that there is a product of conception. We don't know if there is a human. In fact 42 percent of conceptions are not human enough to live as humans so they are not human. And 70 percent of conceptions die in he first trimester. Only 30 percent to conceptions can become human life. So there is not life at conception most of the time.

"it's her life, it's her baby, it's her body," said Tyler resident Jack Nelson.

It's the smaller human's life, that's not her body>there's 4 legs, 4 arms & 2 heads 2 DNAs. Bigger stronger, older humans killing weaker, defenseless younger humans is called Bullying & age discrimination, there's no "right to choose" to kill based on arbitrary criteria like race, gender, age, color or other arbitrary "de-humanization" criteria to "justify Genocide" as Hitler & other evil leaders did

I know "it's her life, it's her baby, it's her body," however we are talking about a removing a life here. I don't see any harm in taking three hours of time to become educated on other options a woman might have. A lot of women are bullied into having an abortion by boyfriends, family etc. This would give them a chance to come to grips with their own thoughts and feelings. So i vote yes, I think it is a good idea.

My second of five pregnancies resulted in a daughter born with multiple congenital anomalies. With each pregnancy, I knew the possibility of producing an additional child with an anomaly was a possibility. My choice to have an abortion is just that, MY choice. Will there be parents attending these adoption classes willing to adopt a child with multiple congenital anomalies? It is sad women who are pro-choice have to face such scrutiny when it should be a personal matter.

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