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Texas senators draw lots for terms

Texas senators draw lots for terms
Friday, January 25, 2013 - 9:53am

The 2013 legislative session may have just begun, but for half of the state Senate, the 2014 election season started Wednesday.

Texas' 31 state senators drew lots yesterday to determine who would serve two-year terms and who would serve full four-year terms. The peculiar practice, as the Tribune's Aman Batheja writes, takes place the first session after the Legislature's decennial redistricting process to ensure that the Senate's terms remain staggered. Last year, all 31 Senate districts were on the ballot.

In the chamber, each senator drew an envelope containing a piece of paper with a number, 1 through 31; even numbers meant two-year terms and having to run again in 2014; odd meant four-year terms.

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