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Texas sheriffs watching immigration bills closely

Texas sheriffs watching immigration bills closely

POSTED: Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 10:59am

UPDATED: Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 5:26pm

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles is
expected to join immigrant advocates at the state Capitol and
denounce new proposals that would crack down on illegal immigration
in Texas.
The border sheriff is scheduled to appear in Austin Thursday
ahead of lawmakers returning to the Legislature next week.
Republicans have filed more than a dozen anti-illegal immigration
bills they hope will find traction with a historic GOP
supermajority in the House.
One bill would require local law enforcement to ask drivers
without identification if they're in the country legally. Another
would cut off state funding to departments that don't enforce
immigration laws.
Republican state Sen. Dan Patrick believes conservatives finally
have the votes and momentum to pass immigration measures after
years of failed attempts.

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As a legal immigrant I appreciate the challenge it is to get here legally and the problem poor people face in getting here. I do feel that the current situation has been generated by years of neglect in inforcing the laws and blindly letting illegals come as cheap labor. The laws should have enforced and provisions for temporary workers been sorted out years ago.

If you are a citizen and you live in Texas and you don't think we need stricter enforcement of our immigration law; you are not aware of the magnitude of the problem.

Check out the NUMBERSUSA.COM website; particularly their videos on population growth and environmental impact of unchecked immigration.

If the future with no change in enforcement doesn't scare you straight; there's no hope for your understanding and you are part of the problem!!!

Amen! How is enforcing the law unethical? It's unethical to do something illegal in the first place. People don't make the connection that illegal=criminal.

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