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Texas Tea Partiers form statewide Tea Party Caucus Committee

Texas Tea Partiers form statewide Tea Party Caucus Committee

POSTED: Thursday, December 16, 2010 - 4:48pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 17, 2010 - 7:27pm

See bottom of page for list of Tea Party Caucus members and Advisory Board members.

December 16, 2010
Contact: Greg Holloway (512.585.7631)

At the invitation of the legislative Tea Party Caucus formed by Senator Dan Patrick, 14 tea party organizers from around the state have come together to form a Tea Party advisory committee. The roster of the statewide committee was chosen independently by members of the committee itself.

Greg Holloway of Austin made it clear that the advisory committee knows its limitations. “While we intend to bring the views of grassroots conservatives across Texas to the attention of the Tea Party Caucus, we do not claim that we speak for any tea party, 9-12 or other groups,” said Holloway. “These groups have been, and will continue to be, speaking for themselves. We hope, however, that we can provide a sounding board for the Tea Party Caucus on issues that fall squarely within our tea party principles.”

Sharon Hall of San Antonio agreed. “There are any number of other tea party or 9-12 organizers who are qualified to be on a committee like this,” she noted. “We’ll do the best we can to bring the views of Texas grassroots conservatives to the attention of the Caucus. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Senator Patrick and the Caucus. That’s been our goal for the last two years – to create a direct link between our elected officials and the citizens of our state.”

Senator Patrick made it clear that he expects that the Tea Party Caucus will benefit greatly from the input of the advisory committee. "The Tea Party movement is the most important political movement of our life time,” he noted. “Their voice must be heard like never before inside the walls of the Capitol. The real power of politics is not in Austin, it's in the homes, farms, and businesses across our great state."

“We will not presume to be telling the Caucus legislators what to do,” added JoAnn Fleming of Tyler. “We will offer recommendations to the legislators based on our principles and the views of many conservative folks around the state. From every indication, the members of the Caucus are interested in what we can bring to the table and are willing to take our views into the Capitol. That’s all we ask.”

The members of the Tea Party Caucus advisory committee, and their home cities, are as follows:

Konni Burton, Colleyville
Tony Corsaut, Wichita Falls
Felicia Cravens, Katy
JoAnn Fleming, Tyler
Robert Gonzalez, Clear Lake City
Glen Hagenbaks, McAllen
Leslie Haight, Fredericksburg
Sharon Hall, San Antonio
Greg Holloway, Austin
Robin Lennon, Kingwood
Chuck Molyneaux, Allen
Genna Pendergras, El Paso
Katrina Pierson, Garland
Julie Turner, The Woodlands

The following are the legislators who are a part of the State Tea Party Caucus:

Initial board members are:
Sen. Dan Patrick chair
Rep. Wayne Christian co-chair
Rep. Beverly Woolley co-chair
Rep. Brandon Creighton
Rep. Allen Fletcher
Rep. Dan Flynn
Rep. Todd Hunter
Rep. Phil King
Rep. Lois Kolkhorst
Rep. Jodie Laubenberg
Rep. Elect George Lavender
Rep. Sid Miller
Rep. Geanie Morrison
Rep. Ken Paxton
Rep. Elect Raul Torres

Sen. Brian Birdwell
Rep. Elect Jose Aliseda
Rep. Elect Marva Beck
Rep. Leo Berman
Rep. Dwayne Bohac
Rep. Elect Erwin Cain
Rep. Bill Callegari
Rep. Angie Chen-Button
Rep. Warren Chisum
Rep. Byron Cook
Rep. Rob Eissler
Rep. Gary Elkins
Rep. Mike Hamilton
Rep. Harvey Hilderbran
Rep. Charlie Howard
Rep. Patricia Harless
Rep. Kelly Hancock
Rep. Elect Dan Huberty
Rep. Bryan Hughes
Rep. Elect Jason Isaac
Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt
Rep. Ken Legler
Rep. Tryon Lewis
Rep. Jerry Madden
Rep. Jim Murphy
Rep. Tan Parker
Rep. Larry Phillips
Rep. Elect Four Price
Rep. Debbie Riddle
Rep. Elect Connie Scott
Rep. Larry Taylor
Rep. Randy Weber
Rep. Elect Charles White
Rep. John Zerwas


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The House calendar has no republican caucus listed for the speaker race.I called Larry Taylor chair of the caucus and he is out of the office until January 3.The only meeting planned is on January 11 when the Speaker of the House is elected.The first vote for Speaker is the most important vote.Straus's intended chair of redistricting is a liberal republican.Is this new caucus group of members going to meet to vote irregularly or off calendar for speaker or not taking a stand Joanne?

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