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Texas town comes close to having canine candidate for mayor

Texas town comes close to having canine candidate for mayor
Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 5:07pm

The residents of Irving, Texas came very close to having a canine candidate for mayor.

His name is Dylan Westie and on Tuesday morning, his owner filed a petition on the terrier's behalf o be on the ballot for the May 5th election.

10-year-old Dylan's pretty much like any dog.

"Dylan eats a lot of snacks. Dylan gets a lot of attention," said owner Mark Howard.

Except for one thing...

"Dylan, are you for water conservation?"

He's got some serious thoughts about the problems plaguing his city.

"Dylan, what are you gonna do about the roads in Irving?"

He's even taken to Twitter to have his bark heard.

"He doesn't do a great job at typing but, you'll find some really good tweets out there," said Howard.

Mike Howard is Dylan's owner, agent, and attorney.

The retired word smith has been writing political satire since 1984.

He says he spends his mornings at the coffee shop listening to local talk, then posts reports on his blog, which has recent focused on the infighting on the Irving City Council.

"You have 2 faction son the council and it just doesn't seem like a lot of good things are getting anything done that needs to be done."

So Howard filed this petition, complete with valid signatures, to put Dylan's name on the ballot for mayor.

As the paperwork explains, Dylan is a registered 'son of a female westie.'

However, the city said Dylan's not a registered voter and therefore, doesn't qualify.

"And what better than canine blood? Who doesn't like a nice, pretty, cute dog?"

A shame, Howard says, considering Dylan's DNA.

"If you look at all the cat fighting, what better way to solve a cat fight than get a dog in the mix?" asked Howard.

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