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Texas University seeking answers to peanut problems

Texas University seeking answers to peanut problems
Monday, May 12, 2014 - 6:11pm

Peanuts... peanuts... and more peanuts

Peanut samples from all over the country are funneling their way through Lubbock Christian University in Texas.

They are all getting tested by a chemistry professor and her undergraduate students.

Part of their undergraduate research project includes lowering the chance of salmonella making its way into peanut butter jars.

They have also answered questions about peanut butter, about how it might be possible to cut down on some of the microbial contaminates without damaging the peanut product itself.

Microbial contaminates are the ones that can cause illness when there is an outbreak.

Peanuts are grown in the field. anything that comes from outside is going to have bacteria, and other things on it, but is there a way to help control that, put something on the front end to help control or kill microbes so when they do get into the manufacturing process and the killing and the roasting of the peanuts is equal and destroys everything.

They are experimented with UV light and they are hopeful it could reduce the chance of salmonella if used in conjunction with roasting.

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