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The 51st state? Northern Colorado?


POSTED: Friday, June 28, 2013 - 6:10pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 8:10am

When Texas entered the union in 1845, we were granted permission to divide into 5 separate states if we wished.

No one has suggested it yet here, but other states are mulling the idea over.

Yes, talk of secession is in the air. In fact, a number of Coloradans are organizing to secede.

And just like Texas, a lot of Colorado folks are fed up with lack of communication from politicians, rules they don’t agree with, gun control, and a general lack of understanding from the central government.

Except unlike the kind of secession talk we have heard here in Texas, seceding from the United States, which is illegal, they want to secede from Colorado and form the 51st state of Northern Colorado.

“We had this brought to us by several citizens when gun legislation was going on in Colorado, which really did piss off a lot of the Weld County residents,” says Commissioner Doug Rademacher. “And some of these more populous counties on the front range, they don’t have agriculture and they don’t have energy, so they really don’t have a good nexus to what we’re doing.”

And it can be done. Any portion of a state needs the permission of it’s legislature, and then the permission of Congress.

The last time it was done was West Virginia at the beginning of the Civil War. They were not in sympathy with slavery and seceded from Virginia.

But a Professor from the University of North Colorado says, there’s some politics in play here as well.
Colorado has turned from a solid red state to somewhat purplish.

“In 2012, Weld County and Greeley supported Obama and supported a marijuana initiative. So I think for some of them, they believe the handwriting is on the wall,” says Dr. Steve Mazurana.

And Rademacher admits it’s an uphill fight.

“I would think we’d be successful in a statewide vote,” he says.

17 states have given it a shot since West Virginia, but none have succeeded.

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Go ahead and secede. The liberal states need to FAIL. Let them fail by themselves and not drag down others who wish to grow.

Liberals, like cancer, destroy what they can and then move on to infect healthy cells (yes bankrupt states and then move to healthy states and try the change them to become the same failed model.

Let the liberal parts of Colorado stew in their own juices.

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