The Angelina House without Pastor Gregson


POSTED: Saturday, January 18, 2014 - 8:31pm

UPDATED: Sunday, January 19, 2014 - 8:28pm

Pastor Dr. John Gregson, 90, of Jacksonville is a retired teacher, and since his retirement he's volunteered his time making a difference in people's lives. He touched lives by preaching every opportunity he got.

Dr. Gregson recently retired from the Angelina House in Jacksonville.

The Angelina House is an Assisted Living Center and Dr. Gregson began teaching Sunday School class at the Angelina House when it opened in 1988, he volunteered his time since as Pastor every Sunday. Gregson also taught Bible Study.

Dr. Gregson and his wife Lois welcomed us into their home. Lois says, she supports her husband's decision to say goodbye to the Angelina House. She says, they're blessed to have been a part of the ministry for many years.

Personal Service Assistant, Elizabeth Gonzales at the Angelina House tells us, the residents always looked forward to Church on Sunday in the living room with Pastor Gregson. She says, residents would come out of their rooms instead of watching church on TV.

Gregson says, he always loved the elderly. "Wherever I pastored, I've always made it a point to teach a Bible story in various nursing homes." He's enjoyed all these years touching people's lives through the Lord.

"I attribute my 90 years to the fact that the Lord has blessed me with good health and have had a good life," said Gregson.

Folks at the Angelina House tells us Sundays' will never be the same without Pastor Gregson.  

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