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The attack of the lace bugs! Keep your azaleas safe


POSTED: Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 7:01pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 10:24pm

East Texas takes pride in growing the most beautiful flowers in the whole country. We are known as the rose capital but everyone knows how much the Azalea flower is near and dear to our hearts.

But this hot Texas heat has been drying up the soil for the sweet Azaleas, and making it difficult for gardeners to keep beautiful. Azaleas need lots of rich, organic, moist soil---and shade to keep them in bloom and beautiful.

Due to the hot Texas sun beaming on your babies, it makes it difficult to maintain without added irrigation systems and a lot of extra attention.

As if the sun wasn't already the soils arch enemy, the beautiful Azalea flowers have another thing to worry about.

Lace bugs! These are ver tiny little insects which knaw away at the Azalea leaves and burrow away on the bottom side, as they are nesting in the leaves they chew away at the chlorophil in the flowers foliage, what makes the leaes green, and turn them gray, and discolored and just plain ugly.

They also eat tiny holes and lay eggs on the leaves and leave your flowers looking like a cheetah with lots of spots.

The best ways to get rid of the cluster of critters , and to keep your Azaleas happy and healthy are to:

1. Spray them off with a stream of water

2. Spray them with a horticultural-oil spray

3. Or spray them with an insecticide that has a label that reads: "for lace bugs, and for azaleas"

4. Give them LOTS of water (having a garden with an irrigation system works best)

5. Always plant them in the shade!

If you follow these simple rules you'll sure to become a green-thumb gu-ru and have a beautiful azalea bush with lots of happy flowers.


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