The battle begins for the GOP nomination for Texas Att. General


POSTED: Saturday, September 14, 2013 - 11:08pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 12:18pm

     "God bless Texas."

     The first forum of the 2014 campaign season was successful as about 80 East Texas residents sat in the UT Tyler Ornaleus Activity Center. While each candidate was asked a variety of questions, the main topic all three Republican nominees focused on was the Federal Government staying out of our state.

     "We have to stand up for the constitution and laws of Texas," said Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman.

     Each candidate expressed their readiness, desire and capacity to fight back against the Federal Government.

     "When I'm the Attorney General I will be fighting the Obama Administration on voter ID, on redistricting, on marriage, on the pro-life issue, on Obama care," said State Senator Ken Paxton.

     Because all three candidates are Republican, their views on most issues were relatively similar. So I asked what separates each candidate they said it was their background.

     "I've been there to not only fight for East Texas but to get things done and in this race I think we better find someone who's going to stand up to this Federal Government," said State Representative Dan Branch.

     "I've sued Obama's EPA seven times," said Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman. "The next Attorney General must continue these law suits to protect the federal government from always trying to get into Texas' business."

     "East Texas people they're independent, they're conservative," said Sen. Paxton. "They care about Texas remaining strong and free and I've got the record that says I'll be the guy to do that, that I'll fight."

     One thing they unanimously agreed on was that they had some pretty huge shoes to fill following Attorney general Gregg Abbott.

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