The benefits of local farmers' markets

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 5:42pm

Farmers' markets are set up across the state, providing local produce for their communities.

But just how much work does it take to get that produce to market, and what do farming newcomers need to know before they get started?

Local farmers tell KETK that if you are starting from scratch, be prepared to have a rough first season.

They say you're going to have a load of weeds if you're planning to start in your yard, or in a pasture.

Now if it's a pasture, you will most likely be dealing with Bermuda grass, which is great for a ranch, but a pest for a garden.

And then there is the watering.

Even with the recent rainfall, some of these vegetables need to watered six to nine hours a day, while others, such as tomatoes, you need to make sure doesn't get too much water, or the fruit will split.

And finally, they say to do your heavy lifting in the mornings, and save the easier chores for the afternoon.

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