'The Christmas Store' opens in Tyler

Monday, September 1, 2014 - 6:01pm

Tyler's 'Christmas Store' is officially open for the holiday season. And though the big day is a little less than 4 months away, the Texas heat didn't stop old and new customers from filling the store.

"A lot of people that come in now are grandparents bringing their grandchildren in, and it is tradition, every labor day weekend through Christmas to come into The Christmas Store and bring your family," said Angie Bullington, the store owner,

If you're familiar with the layout of the store, your first trip this year might throw you for a loop.

"We've added about 1300 square feet and opened it up a little bit, so everyone has been so happy and so receptive of the new changes we've done," Bullington explained.

The store added a design room to show customers how some of the decorations are made.

"We're going to have wreath classes and design classes, and we've open it up to where you can go in and watch the designers making the wreaths and garlands and things so you can kind of see what to do," Bullington said.

The woodland room is also new.

Bullington said, "We've also made a woodland room that has our icy trees and our woodland trees, and its just phenomenal in there."

The Christmas Store is open to Christmas lovers, young and old. Rhonda Allen is a sales associate for the store. She says that even though it's September, they've already seen many children, filled with Christmas spirit.

"They're so excited, you can see the excitement in their eyes, its like 'mom look at this' and 'dad look at this!' and just going from one thing to the next."

We still have more than three weeks left of summer... but in Tyler, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  

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