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The decline of Eric Cantor


POSTED: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 5:59pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 12:39pm

What a shocker in the political world last night. Eric Cantor, the number two guy in Republican leadership on Capitol Hill was shot down like a wounded political quail.

His pollsters told him it was in the bag. Cantor was bragging about cutting an amnesty deal on election day. He had the nerve to go to a George Soros-funded anti-tea party convention.

Anyone who calls himself and declares himself a young gun is losing touch with reality. He did. While he was hobnobbing in D.C. and hanging with the political elite, he was ignoring his district.

His district reminded him who was boss with a 15 point tail-kicking last night. It was a political bolt out of the blue. All the political pundits are still getting it wrong today. Most always do. They don't know anything more about politics than the guy who striped the football field at Rose stadium.

Here's a fact check about this from Fox political watcher Chris Stirewalt. Cantor was upended in a low turnout election-- wrong. A wave of immigration outrage among down scale voters in lower-income rural and far suburban precincts overwhelmed Cantor's complacent electoral base in upper-income precincts in and near Richmond-- wrong.

Democrats crossed over in Virginia's non-partisan primary to do mischief and sabotage the stronger Republican candidate to improve their chances in the fall--wrong.

The race was another battle in the national civil war between the tea party and the Republican establishment-- wrong. New nominee Dave Brat got a big boost from talk radio heavy hitters like Mark Levin, but this was a very local election.

I'd read Chris Stirewalt assessment. It's good. And I think it's right.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Cantor became a machine politician. People in Virginia are just tired of all these fakes we have for politicians. And they don't want 'em. Democrat or Republicans.

Times are a-changing folks. 5 years of Obama/Hillary/Biden have just made American sick.

They can't vote Obama out... but they sure can vote all these fakes out.

This is a POV (editorial) NOT news!
Simple answer to the immigration problem Repubs & T-partiers don't want to mention.
No Illegal Jobs = No Illegals = No problem.
Big Business makes too much $$$ from illegals so, they hire them rather than Americans.
It's illegal but, with pols in their back pocket the can do what they want.
Illegal labor = corporate welfare.
American taxpayers pick up their tab w/Medicaid,SNAP, housing, education, & crime.
Stop White Collar Crime & Corporate Greed = Jail time.

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