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'The Mighty Bucky' helps train bull riders across the globe


POSTED: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 10:57pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 11:17am

Rodeos are a Texas tradition, and nothing puts more people in the seats than bull riding.

For twenty years, bull riders across the world have been using a training device, built and sold, right here in East Texas.

Terry Holland is a former champion bull rider who lives in Carthage, who makes and sells the "Mighty Bucky."

It's a bull riding training device which accurately simulates the movement of a bucking bull.

"Mighty Bucky" is a name cowboys call a bull with a ton of talent, and that's difficult to ride.

Holland has sold these across the country, as well as to riders in Brazil, Australia, and Germany.

Nothing will ever take the place of getting on a live bull, but unlike a mechanical bull in county road honky tonk, this contraption has proven to give potential and current rodeo stars the best chance for success.

"If you're gonna simulate it you need to do the exact same thing, because if a guy practices say on a mechanical bucking machine, it's gonna get him in a lot of bad habits.  It's not gonna transition over to being a good bull rider," said Holland

Bull riding champion Cody Teel has been one of many using a "Mighty Bucky".

Holland says, it's like a baseball player uses a batting cage.

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