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The new Big Tex is here

The new Big Tex is here

POSTED: Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 9:05pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 27, 2013 - 2:09pm

Since 1952, the giant cowboy named Big Tex has welcomed visitors to the State Fair of Texas.
But last year, the Texas icon was destroyed by an electrical fire.
But now Big Tex is back.
They’re getting ready.
Last minute work is being done in Dallas.
Food is being cooked, signs hauled out of storage.
Yes, the State Fair of Texas is ready to open. And while you might be wondering what they’ll be deep frying this year, what we really wonder is, how does Big Tex look?
Along with the preparation, there are news helicopters hovering, cameras pointing.
The word it out that the new Big Tex will be revealed.
The giant cowboy, outfitted by Dickies, presided over the fair for 60 years until an electrical fire destroyed him in the last week of the Fair last year.
And the new one is close, but not an exact copy.
And it’s more modern.
“We’re now in 2013,” says Sue Gooding, VP of Communications for the Fair. “We’ve aged him as we’ve gone along. We’ve softened his looks as we’ve gone along. It was time to improve the technology. He does not have the puppet look. The mouth was sort of like a marionette. He does not have that anymore.”
But won’t purists complain about the changes?
“I don’t think so. If we put the 1952 Big Tex here,” she said, “we would have received more complaints than we could have handled because it was a very frightening look.”
It’s true, the original Big Tex was downright creepy.
So, he’s back. And on opening day, you’ll see the new, improved Big Tex utter those famous words…
“Howdy Folks.”

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