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The nightmare before Christmas, East Texas traffic

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 8:45pm


By: Nicole Vowell

The Traffic Nightmare Before Christmas

Twas' a nightmare before Christmas on East Texas roads.
And Christmas shoppers were scrambling to pick up more clothes!
For Sally and Sammy, Johnny, and Jim.
Don't forget to look both ways or you'll run into him!

It's dark and scary on the Loop and Broadway
If you're trying to turn into the mall, you could be there all day!
It's conjested and crammed, the traffic lights a glow.
Before you get out of your car you'll have listened to 16 songs on the radio.

Christmas time is a time for cheer.
But if you trying to turn left into Macy's,
you'll be waiting til' next year.

Dallas and Houston, New York and DC.
Traffic as far along as the eye can see,
But here in East Texas is it's almost the same.
Just a smaller town, playing the same traffic game.

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