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'The Pencil Guy'


POSTED: Sunday, June 17, 2012 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 17, 2012 - 10:14pm

Floyd Scott Beranek owns Scott's Jewelry Store in Jacksonville.

His family is from East Texas, but he just returned home recently to open up shop.

For the past 28 years he's been travelling all over the globe using his talents.

"I'm a master goldsmith, jeweler, diamond setter, I do watches, and...anything else that you might need including clocks," Beranek said.

So basically he's pretty darn good with his hands!

But one of his favorite carving pencils...something he's been doing since high school.

"I found English pretty boring!  I had pencils, I had a pocket thing led to another, I was propping my book up and carving pencils behind it," Beranek said.

He thinks he's the only hand pencil carver in the world -- a guy in Japan does it, but he uses equipment...Beranek just uses a pocketknife.

When you see his imaginitive designs, you can't help but wonder how he came up with the stuff...

He's got a 'spy pencil,' a pencil that bends, 2 pencils in one, he's even got a pencil with a little ball that rolls down the spiral.

Beranek tells KETK his designs push the limits of what can be done with the pencil before it breaks.

I know -- you're thinking 'How much?'  He can do a simple spiral design in about 10 minutes which goes for about $40-50.

Some of his more intricate works take much longer and are quite a bit more he says those are more for his customers to get a kick out of.

"I haven't had an offer yet...not for $800 dollars!"


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