The push to hire navigators


POSTED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 6:40pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 1:25pm

Texans have about three weeks to start shopping for health insurance under the new health care law.

Data shows, Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured residents.

In fact, the many organizations have received millions in grants to hire people to help..

Eight organizations in Texas got almost 11-million dollars to hire navigators.

Navigators are to be hired to help you know about the insurance plans that are out there.

Insurance agents KETK spoke to say it's going to be a mess. Hiring people to help Texans enroll in health insurance known as navigators.

Health insurance will be required for all Americans by January 1st or else they'll be penalized.

Starting October 1st, Texans will get the opportunity to enroll for health insurance or change policies.

The government felt the right thing to do is distribute grants to organizations to
train people for 20-30 hours to do a job of a health insurance agent.

Jana McJunkins for Ark Assurance says, it's not a sufficient amount of training.

"For the knowledge the person is going to need in order to need to sufficiently describe and explain what these new plans are going to entail," says Jana McJunkins, Insurance Agent at Ark Assurance.

It's reported anyone can be a navigator and hiring navigators raises many concerns, the biggest concern is privacy

They will have access to your private information, your social security number, income and birthdate.

KETK spoke to the CEO and President of "United Way of Tarrant County" in Fort Worth, which received the largest grant of close to 6-million dollars.

"I don't know what other organization are doing but I can tell you that we hiring people with quality backgrounds, quality experience and quality education," says McKinney, CEO and President of "United Way of Tarrant County.

East Texas Behavioral Healthcare Network in Lufkin received a little over 1-million dollars and they were unavailable to comment.

McKinney tells us, by hiring navigators it will help educate people who need to help getting insured. He adds, navigators have been used for years.

Experts tell KETK, maybe navigators are needed because the Obamacare program is pure confusion.

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If Obamacare is 'pure confusion' then WHY WAS IT PASSED???

It's a trainwreck folks, just like Obama's foreign policy, and we need a real 'reset' button, as in repeal of Obamacare.

Yeah, Deaf-

And how much training on this two thousand pages of bureaucratese do these new hires get? Where will they find them? Maybe TSA rejects, huh? The intelligentsia of the Hope and Change administration.
The people who passed this mess don't even understand it. It'd take a law firm with a hundred dedicated associates months to figure this thing out- And that's just the beginning. A whole new set of rejected TSA's will be approving or rejecting your health care needs. And then- the IRS!!!

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