Airsoft gun confiscated at ETX junior high, police investigating

Airsoft gun confiscated at ETX junior high, police investigating
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POSTED: Friday, April 25, 2014 - 12:26pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 27, 2014 - 11:40am

An East Texas school district has released a statement after a pellet gun was confiscated on their junior high campus.

According to Marshall Independent School District Communications Officer David Weaver, an airsoft gun was found on the junior high campus Friday afternoon.

"School administrators at Marshall Junior High School confiscated an Airsoft pellet gun brought on campus by a student on Friday, April 25," said Weaver. "Police were contacted and parents of the students involved were notified."

The school as well as the Marshall Police Department are currently investigating the situation.

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Yes, it was put to the childs head and they are trying to cover it up like they always do when anything like this happens in Marshall. It doesn't matter what type of a gun it was, a gun is a gun. If you put it to someones head do you think they know "Oh its a airsoft pellet gun, it isn't gonna hurt me", no the child or whoever it is done to does not know. The trauma is done to this child and now he will have that memory in his mind the rest of his life. This is crazy!

OMG.... an airsoft ah. ah... assault airsoft gun!

Fires plastic pellets! Oh the horrors!

Thing is, when I was in high school I traded guns with the shop teacher ON CAMPUS.

Man have times changed.

Now they are afraid of little airsoft guns that won't even shoot a real BB.

The student put it to a kids head and pulled the trigger!!! The school didn't just find it! MISD trying to cover up for their own good... Ridiculous

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