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Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 11:46am

Becca Chance named president of the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation

Becca Chance named president of the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation
Lufkin ISD
The School Yard
Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 10:35am

Lufkin ISD has newly formed the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation which is a non-profit charitable organization governed by a volunteer board of directors with Becca Chance at the helm. Mrs. Chance was voted as president of the organization along with the executive board at the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation’s first official board meeting.

Chance said, "LISD's Education Foundation executive board met and welcomed those who were interested in learning more about the foundation and what it will accomplish. Each person in the room was excited to participate and the slate of prospective members was voted on and approved."

The sole purpose of the foundation is to provide funds for innovative educational grants from Lufkin ISD teachers that are not funded by the operational budget. These grants will directly provide resources to the classroom for teachers to implement new educational experiences for our students.

Dr. LaTonya Goffney, Lufkin ISD Superintendent, said, “Having an Education Foundation in our district is powerful. I helped my previous school district develop one, and it was amazing to see our hard working, dedicated teachers receive money for their classroom initiatives. We would go around in “prize patrol” fashion and award checks for creative and innovative ideas. The teachers were brought to tears and the students are the true beneficiaries.”

To get the foundation up and running, Lufkin ISD is partnering with a consultant for the first year. Maya Bethany with Innovation Foundation has facilitated the beginning stages and helps with the legal and organizational aspects of the foundation. One of the first steps was to apply for a grant to begin the foundation, to provide the necessary groundwork to start the foundation.

Chance said, "I'm thrilled to be able to serve on the first Education Foundation board. The Education Foundation is being developed to serve, encourage and benefit our teachers and students. For the first time, teachers will be able to apply for grants from the foundation that will enable them to take on those projects that they wouldn't be able to undertake due to budgetary restraints."

Goffney said, “What a blessing to have Becca Chance agree to take on this important project for the District. She is a leader in every way and always willing to serve. We are so grateful to her as well as our dedicated community members who are willing to serve in this capacity.”

The Lufkin ISD Board recommended names for a steering committee. After a few meetings, the steering committee submitted names for the official board of the foundation. The 32-member board includes ex-officio positions held by two board members, the superintendent and the alumni association director. The foundation board will be presented at the next Lufkin ISD Board meeting on Thursday, February 20th.

Chance said, “It was exciting to see a room full of prospective board members from all aspects of the community brought together with the common interest of our teachers and students at LISD."

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