'Hit list' found at East Texas school

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POSTED: Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 6:31pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 1, 2014 - 5:16pm

A terrifying discovery in a small East Texas school district as a teacher finds an alleged 'hit list.' Two weeks ago, a teacher at Harmony Intermediate School picked up a piece of paper that two 5th grade students were doodling on. Officials say what was on the paper was alarming. Superintendent Jed Whitaker says derogatory statements listed beside names' of students made school officials believe it was some type of 'hit list.'

The students who made the list were taken to the principal's office where officials say they immediately expressed remorse and said they were just kidding. The two male students were disciplined, but Whitaker would not give details on the punishments. He does say they will receive ongoing counseling and monitoring.

Parents at the school were outraged when the school did not send out any kind of notice about the list. Whitaker says he felt the kids were sorry and would not act out again.

"What made us not send out a letter was..the kids' remorse..the kids' (saying) we're not serious..I was goofing around, I was stupid..I'm so sorry..and the fact that there was not an anger issue..there was not an ongoing student discipline issue from the past..anything that would have alarmed or triggered that."

Whitaker does say he regrets not communicating with parents and he promises to have more open communication in the future. He also ensures all students at Harmony I.S.D. are safe.


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I do not think that Whitaker, or any other principal at any other school in the US can "ensure" that all students on campus are safe. History and events tell us otherwise unfortunately.

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