More than 40 ETX districts with schools rated academically unacceptable, improvement required

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POSTED: Friday, January 10, 2014 - 2:18pm

UPDATED: Sunday, January 12, 2014 - 4:50pm

Editor's Note: List of Schools on the PEG list can be found toward the bottom of this story.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced Thursday the list of schools who have been identified under the Public Education Grant (PEG) Program. More than 40 East Texas districts have schools that fall under the program's authorization.

The list, effective for the 2014-2015 school year, identifies campuses with TAKS/STAAR passing rates that are less than or equal to 50 percent in any two of the the preceding three years or were rated Academically Unacceptable in 2011 or rating Improvement Required in 2013, according to the TEA. No ratings were issued in 2012.

Under the PEG interdistrict provision, parents of students may apply for their child to attend another school in or out of the current district if their campus is listed. However, the school chosen can accept or rejection the application, but criteria used may not discriminate on the basis of a student's race, ethnicity, academic achievement, athletic abilities, language proficiency, sex, or socioeconomic status. 

Notification of eligibility must be provided by February 1, 2014, to each parent of a student in the district assigned to attend a school on the enclosed 2014-15 PEG list. Statute also stipulates that the notice must contain an explanation of the Public Education Grant Program and how the parent may obtain further information about pursuing a transfer.

Students may only transfer from a PEG school to non-PEG school. Under the PEG Program, no additional funding is allotted for intradistrict transfers.

Student eligibility for PEG transfers is based on assignment to attend a PEG campus in the district of residence. Student eligibility expires upon any of the following three conditions:

  • Completion of all grades offered by the campus upon which eligibility was originally based
  • Removal of the campus from the PEG list
  • Assignment of the student to a campus that is not on the PEG list as a result of redrawn attendance boundaries or student movement into a different attendance area
  • A receiving district is permitted to continue to treat a student as PEG eligible (and draw the PEG funding weight, 0.1) after expiration of eligibility only if the student has not yet completed all grades on the campus to which the student transferred during the eligibility period.

Tuition may not be charged to the student’s parents/guardian or to the school district of residence.

The school district in which the student resides is not required to provide transportation free of charge from the PEG-listed school to the new school. The district is only responsible for providing the transportation it would otherwise provide (as if the student did not transfer).

Questions concerning the PEG program and the methodology used to identify schools should be directed to the Division of Performance Reporting at (512) 463-9704. Questions regarding the funding implications of the program should be directed to the Division of State Funding at (512) 463-9238.

Listed below are the schools identified under the PEG Program:

  • Atlanta ISD - Atlanta Middle
  • Burkeville ISD - Burkeville Elementary, Burkeville HS, Burkeville Middle
  • Carthage ISD - Baker-Koonce Intermediate
  • Corsicana ISD - Sam Houston Elementary
  • Crockett ISD - Crockett Elementary, Crockett HS, Crockett Junior High
  • Cumby ISD - Cumby Elementary
  • Daingerfield-Lone Star ISD - Daingerfield HS
  • Edgewood ISD - Gus Garcia Middle, H B Gonzalez Elementary, Las Palmas Elementary, Memorial H S, Winston Elementary
  • DeKalb ISD - DeKalb HS
  • Garrison ISD - Garrison Elementary
  • Gilmer ISD - Gilmer Elementary
  • Grapeland ISD - Grapeland HS
  • Jasper ISD - J H Rowe Intermediate, Jasper HS, Parnell Elementary
  • Jefferson ISD - Jefferson Junior High
  • Karnack ISD - Karnack HS
  • Kemp ISD - Kemp HS
  • Leverett's Chapel ISD - Leverett's Chapel HS
  • Linden-Kildare CISD - Linden-Kildare HS
  • Livingston ISD - Livingston Intermediate
  • Longview ISD - Forest Park Magnet School, J L Everhart Magnet Elementary, Johnston-McQueen Elementary, Longview HS, South Ward Elementary, Ware Elementary
  • Marshall ISD - Crockett Elementary, G W Carver Elementary, J H Moore Elementary, Marshall HS, Marshall JH, WM B Travis Elementary
  • Mt. Pleasant ISD - Annie Sims Elementary, Frances Corprew Elementary, Mt. Pleasant HS, Vivian Fowler Elementary
  • Nacogdoches ISD - Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary, Emeline Carpenter Academy of Technology and Science, Fredonia Elementary, Thomas J Rusk Academy of Technology and Science
  • Newton ISD - Newton Elementary, Newton HS, Newton Middle
  • Oakwood ISD - Oakwood HS
  • Overton ISD - Overton Elementary, Overton HS
  • Palestine ISD - Palestine Middle
  • Paris ISD - Aikin El, Paris Junior High
  • Pine Tree ISD - Pine Tree Intermediate
  • Pittsburg ISD - Pittsburg Elementary, Pittsburg HS
  • Queen City ISD - J K Hileman Elementary
  • Redwater ISD - Redwater Elementary
  • San Augustine ISD - San Augustine Elementary, San Augustine HS
  • Sulphur Springs ISD - Sulphur Springs Middle
  • Tatum ISD - Tatum HS
  • Trinidad ISD - Trinidad School
  • Trinity ISD - Lansberry Elementary, Trinity HS
  • Tyler ISD - Douglas Elementary, Griffin Elementary, John Tyler HS, Orr Elementary, Peete Elementary, Robert E Lee HS, Wayne D Boshears Center for Exceptional Programs
  • Union Grove ISD - Union Grove HS
  • Van Alstyne ISD - Van Alstyne HS
  • Warren ISD - Warren HS
  • Waskom ISD - Waskom Elementary
  • West Rusk County Consolidated ISD - West Rusk Intermediate, West Rusk Middle
  • White Oak ISD - White Oak HS
  • Wills Point ISD - Earnest O Woods Intermediate

The entire list can be found in the attached document.

PEGList2014-15.pdf150.42 KB

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My first post on this site got a thumbs down from the moderator, so this time I'll just say this downgrading of schools in East Texas is a matter the cause...parental apathy, overloaded class sizes, questionable teaching abilities in some cases, teaching primarily to the state competency tests, lack of urgency to learn everything possible by public school students, etc., surely encompass some, if not all of the reasons these school districts are not performing well.

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